27 June 2010 Point Hut Crossing-Pine Island-Tuggeranong stone wall

Map: Tuggeranong 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as a combined CBC/Parkway Church ramble:

Sunday arvo 27 Jun - Point Hut Crossing-Pine Island-Tuggeranong stone wall - S/E. A combined CBC and Parkway church ramble. Wander the Murrumbidgee River Corridor from Point Hut Crossing to Pine Island, then further N to the Tuggeranong stone wall. Bring arvo tea to share. Options to place cars at Pine Island or Tuggeranong. Around 9km and 50m climb. Map: Tuggeranong. Leader: John Evans - jevans@pcug.org.au, (h) 6288 7235. Please book with me, but make your own way to the meeting point. Transport: Meet at Parkway church, cnr Sulwood Dr and Tuggeranong Parkway, at 1.00pm and we'll car pool from there ~$2 per person.

18 of us met at 1pm and we all agreed to walk from Point Hut Crossing to Tuggeranong. I knew the hardest part of the walk would be the transport and many schemes were in my head. But thanks to Bill W the simplest was set in motion - we all drove to Tuggeranong, then piled in the minimum number of cars and drove to Point Hut Crossing. 2 more starters were waiting for us.

Further Information

We'll meet at 1pm and organise cars. The walk starts at Point Hut Crossing and there are a number of options:

Point Hut Crossing to Pine Island, one way - 3.3km
Point Hut Crossing via Pine Island to Tuggeranong, one way - 6.5km
Point Hut Crossing via Pine Island to Tuggeranong and return to Pine Island - 9.7km
Point Hut Crossing via Pine Island to Tuggeranong and return - the lot - 13km.


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Track overview Track Point Hut Crossing to Pine Island Track Pine Island to Tuggeranong

With Richard setting the pace and Stas tail end charlie, we set off up the track. That gave me the freedom to wander up and down the line chatting with old and new friends. I counted to 20 many times. A pleasant enough benched track, a couple of runners and dog walkers passing our vast caravan. The Murrumbidgee River gurgled on our left. We paused when we came to the road at Pine Island South. A friendly police car eyed us off and we waved.

Heading along the road, Alison spied the dirt track down to our left, so we joined it. Her reward for such excellent navigation was to continue to set our course, as I'd never taken the low track round Pine Island before.

Reaching the N extent of the loop track at Pine Island North, I elected to leave the river corridor track (now signposted to Kambah Pool), as I'd forgotten the route from here. There were fire trails for us to follow, gates to get us through fences and even a sign 'Caution Archery Range Proceed with Caution' on the nearby fence when we stopped for arvo tea.

And a very pleasant affair that was. Most took my invitation to bring something to share to heart and there was a fine selection of fruit, nuts, chocolate and biscuits. Everyone is very welcome to come again.

Not an arrow zinged past out ears as we crossed the archery range.

A gully or two later, the W end of the stone wall appeared - very near the low level track from Pine Island to Kambah. So handy to remember, in case one comes this way again and the arrows are flying. A stop to examine the signage, then we followed the stone wall NE and E up to the nearby sounds of Tuggeranong.

Through the fence on the left, back down to cross the road at the traffic lights and the last count to 20 in the car park.

A bit of mucking around with cars, a final count of zero and so home. See you all next month, folks.

1 Arvo tea on the archery range 2 Tuggeranong stone wall signage 3 Tuggeranong stone wall

A pleasant ramble on a sunny Winter's arvo. Thanks for your company Alison M, Anna H, Bernie C, Bill W, Elizabeth C, Isobel L, Jenny D, Jenny N, John and Helen L, Neralie L, Nerolie P, Nicole C, Peter P, Richard M, Shawn F, Shirley G, Stas M and Tarja S.

Distance: 7.3km Climb: 50m. Time: 1.40 - 3.50pm (2hrs10mins), including 15mins of breaks.
Grading: S/E; E(4)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Point Hut Crossing to Tuggeranong

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