16 June 2012 Six Trig Points

Six Trig Points

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Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Derek S as a BBC walk:

Saturday 16 June - Six Trig Points - M(9). Leader: Derek S. Visit six trig points around Weston Creek, starting on Mt Stromlo and visiting Narrabundah Hill, Cooleman Ridge, Mt Arawang, Mt Taylor, finishing at Oakey Hill. Magnificent views over Canberra and the Murrumbidgee Valley. A short car shuffle. Climb: 450 m. Map: Canberra. Meet at W.

3 of us met and walked.

Further Information

With Gay still crook, a perfect walk with late start/early finish and close to home with mobile contact. Also, an opportunity to meet and talk with Derek S, who placed the following in the Jul-Dec 12 BBC Walks Program:

COMMEMORATION OF CANBERRA’S CENTENARY IN 2013 In order to celebrate Canberra’s centenary in 2013, I would like to walk as much of the border of the ACT as is possible. If participating in this challenge, in full or in part, interests you, please get in touch with me.


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A little rain forecast for the day, but we managed to enjoy only a couple of light showers. Cool to cold and overcast.

We placed a car up Mt Stromlo, outside the boom gate just in case. We then drove to the Tuggeranong Parkway overpass on Heysen St Weston and parked.

Wandered up to Oakey Hill trig, then headed S to Mt Taylor. Followed a footpad up the hill that I'd not used before, quite nice. Morning tea just out of the breeze SW of Mt Taylor trig. A not quite so nice descent, just a fraction off the spur, so a bit scrubby. But I'd never taken this route up/down the W side of Mt Taylor, so all good.

Had a look at the Firestorm Storytree in the Mt Taylor estate part of Kambah. Very good - didn't know what I was missing as I've driven past countless times. Pity the tree is unstable. Fabulous ceramic tiles set in the surrounds.

Crossed Village Creek via a footbridge I didn't know was there, our life in our hands as we crossed the Tuggeranong Parkway, into the Parkway Church 'glebe' to inspect the coolemon tree. Out onto Sulwood Drive, where Derek pointed out the old/proposed alignment of the Parkway - the cutting is now the bike park.

Into the Arawang horse paddock and up the spur via the fine newishly stepped footpad to Mt Arawang trig. Nice views. A little down and off to the W we had lunch.

NW through the Cooleman Ridge Nature Reserve, up to Cooleman Hill trig, down the other side and so to Kathner St.

From there to Narrabundah Hill trig. A plaque that I'd never noticed before on one of the legs of the quadruped trig, some nice pruning of a rampant woody shrub beneath - and a box with no doubt the ashes of doggy Jessie in it (a bit rich, perhaps).

We headed WNW off Narrabundah Hill - I've never been over here - in the direction of a fire trail we could see climbing Mt Stromlo. It took us in the direction of Rivers Depot and a private house but unfortunately we couldn't get across to the Cotter Rd so had to do a large and long loop back E to Eucumbene Drive. I wasn't complaining, as I'd never been here - a reasonable spot for a short bike ride near home.

Via Eucumbene Drive and Cotter Rd to the start of Mt Stromlo Rd. Holdens Creek near there is quite steep.

Up fire trails to the Mt Stromlo Rd near the office buildings. Plenty of bike traffic about. Up the road to the Mt Stromlo trig - number 6 for the day.

Back down to the car via the burnt out shell of the Director's residence.

Thanks Derek S - a nice trip. And to Judy L.

Distance: 22.3km Climb: 750m. Time: 9.20am - 4.10pm (6hrs 50mins), with 30mins of stops.
Grading: L/E; H(12)

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