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You’ve probably heard of the UK’s Munros and perhaps even Tasmania’s Abels, but what are the ACT’s Percys?

David D, from the Canberra Bushwalking Club (and also the Hobart Walking Club) has put together a similar list of the ACT’s high hills.


There are 68 peaks on the ACT list, all of them over 1000 m in elevation, and 112 possible points. The 68 peaks are referred to as ‘Percys’ after local pioneering surveyor Percy Sheaffe in the same way that there are ‘Abels’ in Tasmania and ‘Munros’ in the UK.  Peaks are divided into eight ‘districts’.

Peaks are grouped into districts and then listed in decreasing elevation.

In all cases the highest point must be touched, regardless of the spot height on the map.  Repeat ascents do not count.

Peaks are allocated between 1 and 4 points.  Points are allocated according to accessibility, scrub, tracks, type of terrain, distance, height to be climbed, proximity to other peaks and ‘status’.  The degree of difficulty is commensurate with that used for peaks on the Tasmanian Peak Bagging lists.

The scoring system is as follows:
0-24 points: downright idle
25-49 points: member of Old Lags’ Brigade
50-74 points: dishonourable peak bagger
75-99 points: honourable peak bagger Belong um JohnnyBoy
100-112 points: Capital peak bagger.

Easy you say?

No so! I think you missed the bit “… the highest point must be touched …“! Try that at, say for example, Dutchies Peak.

Go for them!

So print off the list and go Percy-ing (peak bagging).


And here’s a map (show in full screen for best results):

Red = 4 points | Yellow = 3 points | Green = 2 points | Blue = 1 point
Click a pin to identify it

Report Back

Please use the Contact Johnny Boy service at bottom right to give us a description of the highest point of the Percy you bagged.

The ACT’s Percys

Key to District: HO = Honeysuckle/Orroral; C = Corin; B = Brindabella; T = Tidbinbilla; CN = Central Namadgi; SN = South Namadgi; M = Monaro.

District Peak
p = photo; g = geocache
Elevation (m) Map 1:25000 Location
Point Score  Your Score
HO Orroral Hill p g
easy scramble to pipe on top
1609 Rendezvous Creek 674901-6053719 2
 HO  Split Rock (Cotter Rocks)
p g
 1560 Rendezvous Creek 670068-6055509 2
HO Blue Gum Hill p g 1474 Corin Dam 678529-6064981 2
 HO Ridge of Stone (The Belfry) p g
good luck with this one!
 1380 Corin Dam 677428-6057497 2
 HO Honeysuckle Crag (The Spinnaker) p g ∼1360 Corin Dam 678554-6059175 1
 HO Tennent p g
a bag standing by the fire tower ladder
1355 Williamsdale  685331-6064039 1
HO Booroomba Rocks (SH1396) p g
not the cliff, the high point SW
1396 Corin Dam 680330-6062744 1
 HO Deadmans Hill p g  1317 Williamsdale 681887-6062192 1
 C ‘Dutchies Peak’ p g
I think you’ll need wings for this!
1620 Corin Dam 670009-6060840 3
 C McKeahnie p g 1603 Corin Dam 669709-6061292 3
 C High Range ∼1510 Corin Dam 670524-6068437 2
C McKeahnie Trig p g
a bag if you reach the base of the trig
 1490 Corin Dam  669769-6063756 1
C Billy Billy Rocks  1464 Corin Dam 671989-6069153 2
C  Peak 1409 1409  Corin Dam 668849-6068274 2
 C  Square Rock p 1350  Corin Dam 671113-6065811 1
 B Bimberi p g
easy – stand in the trig
1913  Rendezvous Creek 662082-6052355 4
 B  Gingera p g
the tors ∼100m NW of the guyed pole
1856 Corin Dam  661255-6061566 2
 B Murray p, p g
Mt Murray West is higher but why not visit both
 1846 Rendezvous Creek 662098-6049003 2
 B  Ginini p g
touch the security fence – can’t get to the marker
 1763 Corin Dam 660723-6066781 1
B  ‘Ginger Ale’ p
Border marker F59
 1760 Corin Dam 660187-6058609 1
 B  Little Ginini p
walk up the rock pile in the Snow Grass
1738 Corin Dam 661057-6063854 1
 B  Little Bimberi p  1655 Rendezvous Creek  663478-6050507 1
B  Franklin p g
stand under the trig
1646 Tidbinbilla 661117-6071680 1
 B  Aggie p g  1496 Tidbinbilla 660361-6073916 1
B  Snow Gum Hill p 1484 Tidbinbilla 661005-6075892 1
 B  Bendora Hill p g  1452  Tidbinbilla 662387-6078199 1
 B  Coree p g  1421 Cotter Dam 664567-6091346 1
 B  Bulls Head p 1370 Tidbinbilla  664735-6082700 1
 B  Blundell p
This true summit is actually a nice little rocky knoll,
covered in Daisy Bush
1238 Cotter Dam 668315-6093137 1
 B Bushrangers Hill p 1307 Tidbinbilla 662147-6080181 1
 B  Hardy Range p 1059 Tidbinbilla 670629-6082310 1
 B Blundell Hill p  1047 Cotter Dam 666468-6087824 1
T Tidbinbilla p g 1615 Tidbinbilla 669510-6075957 2
 T Tidbinbilla Peak p 1562 Tidbinbilla 670683-6076921 2
 T Domain  1508 Tidbinbilla 669666-6072740 2
 T The Pimple p g 1462  Tidbinbilla 669434-6077097 2
 T  Camels Back (Camels Hump) p g
have morning tea by the cairn
1450 Tidbinbilla 671988-6079094 1
 T Johns Peak g  1442 Tidbinbilla 671378-6077329 1
 T  Pierces Trig g
after touching the trig, dangle legs to the east
1365 Tidbinbilla 672657-6080390 1
 T Sugarloaf Peak (the Pyramid) g
the very highest rock is a tall tor of granite!
One would need a rope and strong nerves to scale it
 1172 Tidbinbilla 674948-6072338 2
 T Red Hill (Tidbinbilla) 1097 Tidbinbilla  672075-6075048 1
 T  Gibraltar Rocks g 1071  Tidbinbilla  676765-6074315 2
 CN Kelly g
enjoy the weathered trig post
1826 Rendezvous Creek 669856-6046043 3
 CN  Scabby High Point g g ∼1800 Yaouk 668130-6041041 3
CN Namadgi g
can you see the little cement marker?
 1784 Rendezvous Creek 670978-6048104 3
CN  Gudgenby g
you’ve scaled the slabs – touch the magnificent trig base
1740 Yaouk 672655-6039670 3
CN Burbidge g g g  1724 Rendezvous Creek 671583-6046264 2
CN ‘Mavis’ p
a scramble to the high point with small cairn
1711 Rendezvous Creek 672279-6049323 3
CN Sentry Box g  1697 Yaouk 671929-6033702 2
CN ‘Herlt’ 1620 Rendezvous Creek  673975-6047963 3
CN Yankee Hat south p  1558 Yaouk 674934-6041542 3
CN  Coronet Peak p g
360º view from the cairn and pipe
1495 Rendezvous Creek 667815-6053115 3
CN  Yankee Hat north g 1447 Rendezvous Creek 675621-6042421 2
CN  ‘Thunder Bluff’  1434 Rendezvous Creek 673588-6053138 2
SN Clear g  1605 Bredbo 686352-6027822 2
SN  Booths Hill  1586 Michelago  684560-6044198 2
SN  Boboyan Trig g
leaning trig marker
 1460 Colinton 679652-6036554 1
SN Pheasant Hill p 1455 Yaouk 677832-6029260 1
SN Nursery Hill p  1428 Rendezvous Creek 678092-6048335 1
SN  Hospital Hill p  1424  Colinton  679925-6038108 1
SN  Shanahans Mt p g 1424 Colinton 682516-6032885 1
SN Boboyan Hill p ∼1390 Yaouk 677506-6029927 1
SN  Potters Hill p  1386  Shannons Flat 680246-6027736 1
SN Wrights Hill g 1345  Shannons Flat 677475-6025678 1
SN  Billy Range p 1332 Michelago 683907-6050377 1
SN  Burnt Hill g 1307 Bredbo 680281-6025161 1
 M  Yarara p 1241 Michelago  690852-6047661 1
 M  Rob Roy
not much of a view
1094 Tuggeranong  693060-6069952 1
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