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Slideshow of trip panorama/theme photos (not available via mobile access):

Trip panorama/theme photos can be accessed here. (Use this link if you are accessing the blog via mobile.)
You can also use this link to access the photos and view them in a full screen slideshow.

Photo Storage

For trips 1-443, the 3 best/most relevant photos are stored on my domain. Access the thumbnail for a larger image.

For trips 444 to around mid-2016, a larger selection of photos is stored on Picasa/Google and presented as a slideshow embedded in the trip report (for web-based viewing) and as a link to the photo album (for web and mobile viewing). Access the Picasa-stored photo for a larger image, which may also be magnified.

Since Google killed Picasa, photos are stored in Google albums. Some of the older links may not work any more.

Use of my photos

I’m very happy for others to use my pictures. Please credit me (eg. photo | John Evans). I reckon God created it, we steward it and all should be able to enjoy it! If you want the larger resolution original photo, just ask me via the Contact Info below.


I started using a Canon Ixus, then a 3.2 megapixel Canon PowerShot S1 IS. In 2006 I bought a Canon EOS 400D Twin Lens Kit digital SLR, then a 10Mp Canon Powershot SX120IS in 2010. From Nov 2011 I’ve used an iPhone 4S. In Mar 15 along came a Canon PowerShot S120 – 12.1Mp and 5x zoom.

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... bushwalking in the ACT and nearby NSW. I began my love affair with the ACT bush in 2004 after completing the Canberra Bushwalking Club's annual Navigation Refresher. Seven sessions of navigation and bushcraft shared by living legends had me hooked. It's grown from a passion to an obsession. With other responsibilities it's hard to get away overnight, so I usually only day walk. I like gadgets and technobabble. Information on this blog is shared in the hope that it might encourage others to get out and breathe a bit of fresh air.
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