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There are some nice waterfalls in the ACT (and nearby in NSW – Coree Creek Falls) which are always worth a visit.

Here’s a map (show in full screen for best results)::

Here’s the gpx file of ACT Waterfalls.

Here’s the list:

Waterfall Location
UTM 55H (GDA94)
Click on a thumbnail below to see the full sized
Bogong Creek Falls Yaouk
29 Jan 13
2 Dec 08*
Bogong Creek Falls
Coree Creek Falls – main Cotter Dam
23 Sep 08
2 Sep 08*
19 Feb 05
Coree Creek Falls - main
Coree Creek Falls – lower Cotter Dam
20 Jan 09
18 Nov 08
23 Sep 08*
Coree Creek Falls - lower
Coree Creek Falls – upper Cotter Dam
23 Sep 08
2 Sep 08*
26 Aug 08
19 Feb 05
Coree Creek Falls - upper
Coree Creek – cascades Cotter Dam
20 Jan 09
18 Nov 08
23 Sep 08*
Coree Creek - cascades
Cotter River Falls – lower Rendezvous Creek
20-21 Jan 18
7-8 Jun 08
Cotter River Falls - upper
Cotter River Falls – upper Rendezvous Creek
20-21 Jan 18
Elsies Falls – map marked but not extant Tidbinbilla
5 Dec 06* Elsies Falls
Gibraltar Creek Falls Tidbinbilla
21 Feb 15
21 Jul 12
3 Feb 09
12 Apr 04
Gibraltar Creek Falls
Ginini Falls – main. The highest in the ACT.
Discovered 1872 (Source: Rugged Beyond Imagination Matthew Higgins P 26)
10 Dec 16
17 Apr 07
1 Mar 06
Ginini Falls - main
Ginini Falls – upper Corin Dam
16 Jan 10
25 Feb 06*
Ginini Falls - upper
Pierces Creek Falls Tidbinbilla
20 Aug 13*
11 Aug 07
Pierces Creek feeder falls
Location of geocache GC5CHVG Pierces Plummet. FTF log implies it was flowing in Sep 14
Cotter Dam
4 Apr 15*
Pierces Creek feeder 14r falls – nothing there in Jan 08 Tidbinbilla
15 Jan 08*
Punch Bowl Creek falls Corin Dam

and 100m downstream

29 Aug 15*

17 Jul 07

Stockyard Creek 13r Falls – main Corin Dam
12 Nov 17
22 Jan 08
Stockyard Creek 13r Falls - main
Stockyard Creek Falls – lower Corin Dam
24 Mar 09* Stockyard Creek Falls - lower
Stockyard Creek Falls – upper Corin Dam
31 Jan 09* Stockyard Creek Falls - upper
Stockyard Creek 20m Falls Corin Dam
24 Mar 09* Stockyard Creek 20m Falls
Swamp Creek gorge and falls Umburra
22 Aug 17*


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  1. Hi, great list- must’ve been fun compiling! Do you know if some of the cotter waterfalls have been covered by the expanded dam? I’m looking forward to visiting some of these when in canberra

    • Hi Silvie – yes, great spots! I’m not aware of any falls on the Cotter River that would have been covered by the new dam filling. The upper Cotter Falls are pretty remote, upstream from Cotter Hut and Rolleys Flats

  2. Stockyard creek falls:

    How do you access the lower part of the falls? I can’t seem to find anything on the internet in regards of directions or a map.

    What do you recommend?

    • Hi Shawnee
      Visit the trip reports via the link next to the falls, for all 4 or the one you are interested in. Each trip report has a kmz file that you can fire into Google Earth. Alternatively, send me your email address via the Contact Johnny Boy message facility and I’ll return back to you map segments with the track on them.

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