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1 To search for a location or word in Boy’s Walkabout Blog (both new and old versions), use the Google powered SEARCH NEW AND OLD BLOGS facility in the side bar on the right.

2 To search an open page, use your browser’s Find function (eg. Ctrl+F). Note that this will search whatever is visible – so if you are on the home page, only whatever tab is visible and if searching Completed Walks, whatever year(s) are currently expanded.

3 There are several lists which you can browse or search, then access the related trip:

ACT border markers
ACT high hills (20 named peaks over 1500m + 15 1400-1500m + a few more)
ACT trigs (88 of them)
ACT waterfalls
Brindabella weirs
High country huts (huts in KNP)
NSW nearby high hills
Points of Interest
Sites of Significance in the ACT

4 Tags: Each trip report from 2014 on is tagged with the walk area (eg. NNP), distance (eg. D-20), climb (eg. C-900) and BBC grading (eg. G-13).

• Click on a tag at the bottom of the trip report post to access all 2014 and later walks with the same tag.
• Click on a tag in the cloud of TRIP REPORT TAGS in the side bar on the right (the cloud does not contain all Tags.)
• Enter a tag (eg. NNP, D-20, C-900 or G-13) into the SEARCH NEW AND OLD BLOGS facility in the side bar on the right.

5 Zoom in on the Google Map here to discover destinations in your area of interest. The pin contains a link to the trip report.


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... bushwalking in the ACT and nearby NSW. I began my love affair with the ACT bush in 2004 after completing the Canberra Bushwalking Club's annual Navigation Refresher. Seven sessions of navigation and bushcraft shared by living legends had me hooked. It's grown from a passion to an obsession. With other responsibilities it's hard to get away overnight, so I usually only day walk. I like gadgets and technobabble. Information on this blog is shared in the hope that it might encourage others to get out and breathe a bit of fresh air.
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