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Many of the walks described on this blog are difficult walks, long and physically demanding for a fit and experienced party. Undertake them at your own risk. If you use my timings as a guide, they were achieved by walk-fit 50-70 year olds. Take careful note of the walk Grading and its meaning.

ALL walks should be executed under the following conditions:

  1. Do not walk alone - party size should be a minimum of 4.
  2. Plan your walk carefully including additional exit routes. Do not plan a route beyond the physical capabilities of the party.
  3. Leave details, including party members' contact details, location where car parked and registration number, proposed route and estimated time of return, with a responsible person. Inform them of your safe return.
  4. Weather conditions can be extreme and can change rapidly. Consider postponing a walk if extreme cold or heat is forecast. Be prepared to be caught in extreme conditions.
  5. Always carry sufficient water and food, warm and protective clothing.
  6. Carry a first aid kit and know how to use it. Someone in the party should be First Aid trained.
  7. Carry an emergency kit including items such as matches, whistle, mirror, 'space' blanket, additional food, torch.
  8. Exercise prudent navigation and safety strategies - carry map and compass and know how to use them. Consider carrying a GPS. Consider carrying a PLB; or consider carrying a 3G or satellite mobile phone.

Best of all, join the Canberra Bushwalking Club , or another walking club, and learn from the experts!

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