15 March 2004 Mt Tennent Photos
Maps: Williamsdale 8726-4N Second Edition 1:25000, Environment ACT Namadgi Guide
Getting There

Drive from Weston Creek via the southern suburbs through Tharwa, and south along Naas Road for a couple more kilometres to the Namadgi Visitors Centre.  A 30 minute drive from Weston Creek.  For an early start, park in the accessible parking area just inside the first gates (you can always tell, as you drive past, the walkers who have started early - the main gates don't open until later).


This walk is number 18 on the Namadgi National Park map, Walks on fire trails.  It is rated as 15km return (6 hours), but can be completed a little quicker than that if so desired.  It is rated M/M by the CBC.  This was the first walk that I did solo, equipped (as demanded by my wife) with EPIRB, GPS, map and compass and kitchen sink.

The walk begins at the Visitors Centre pond, signage announcing the Australian Alps Walking Track, Walhalla (Victoria) 655 km, Cypress Pine Lookout 4.5km return.  As challenging as Victoria sounded, I decided for the middle distance goal of Mt Tennent and return!  Along the made paths, across Naas Road and the climb began.

The walk winds across then up the northern spur of Mt Tennent and, with the Jan 03 bushfires, the track signage was a little lacking.  At one stage (and not really knowing the full capabilities of my GPS) I cut the corner of the track by several hundred metres.

But, at last, the clearing where the AAWT cuts the Mt Tennent fire trail was reached and the steady climb up the last km or so was started.

I reached the top at 9.30am and spent some time regaining breath, snapping photos and having morning tea.  Unfortunately the fire tower was not manned, so you could only climb up to the locked door.  I started the return trek at 9.45am.

I found Cypress Pine Lookout on the way back, looking very bare and forlorn after the fires.  What once must have been quite magnificent cypress pines were just charred sticks.

Had a browse through the Namadgi Visitors Centre when I got back.

Distance: 12.5km  Time: 7.30am-12 noon, with 25 minutes of stops.

1 Mt Tennent from the Tharwa Road 2 Start of the walk 3 View to the west from Mt Tennent fire tower