17 April 2004 Honeysuckle Creek, Booroomba Rocks, Mt Tennent and return Photos
Maps: Corin Dam 8626-1N Second Edition 1:25000, Williamsdale  8726-2S Second Edition 1:25000
Getting There

I did this walk solo.  The distance was nearly too much for me - only kept going to get back to the car!  It was a warmish day and I thought the walk back along Apollo Road from the Mt Tennent fire trail would be relatively easy.  It wasn't - I lay on the side of the road at the Namadgi Park sign for some time and every step after that cramped the top of my legs.  I left Weston Creek about 5.45am and drove down through Tuggeranong to Tharwa, then along the Naas Road and right into Apollo Road.  Take this to the Honeysuckle Creek camping ground at the end.


I was walking (in the near dark) by 6.30am.  Whenever I walk alone I like to start early and stop little - not necessarily a good way to go.  The purpose of this walk was to use some of the Australian Alps Walking Track which, like the Tidbinbilla Range, has a fascination for me.

The first part of the track basically parallels the road in to the Booroomba Rocks car park, which I reached around 7.20am.  Then another 45 minutes to Booroomba Rocks, which the magnificent view to the north onto Blue Gum Hill.  I retraced my steps to the car park, then set off down the creek, following the AAWT.  It was well defined at first, then disintegrated into a foot pad which crossed and recrossed the creek.

After the final crossing of Booroomba Creek and moving onto the saddle near the south of Bushfold Flats, I became locationally challenged, thinking that the trail up the flats was the Mt Tennent fire trail.  Of course the GPS was correct (I just didn't know how to interpret it at the time) and when I finally realised that open valley floor was not timbered ridge line, I retraced my steps and found the fire trail.

A long trudge up the fire trail, particularly the last kilometre which turns south-east.  At last at the fire tower.  This time it was manned and I was invited up to share the view - spectacular.  There's a map table in the middle of the room with a plumb-bob hanging over it.  The names of features are written on the walls above the windows.  So you stand back, line up plumb-bob with what you're looking at and read off the name of the feature.

From here on it was really a matter of just returning to the car.  I retraced down the Mt Tennent Fire Trail, stopping by the ford at the edge of the tree line before Apollo Road for lunch.  Then up to the black top and the long (and up!) trudge back to the car - perhaps I should have read the map a little more diligently when I was preparing the walk. I certainly had a cuppla cups of brew when I got back!

Distance: 27.6km  Time: 6.30am-3.00pm with 30 minutes of stops.

1 Boardwalk crossing 2 View from Mt Tennent fire tower 3 Looking back to luncheon spot at the ford