7 August 2004 Micalong Creek and Micalong Swamp Photos
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Getting There

I did this walk with Michael G who was recce-ing it.  It was and early start and quite a drive out along the Brindabella Road, up to Piccadilly Circus (snow about), then down into the Goodradigbee River Valley and further on to where the road, heading to Tumut, crosses the Micalong Creek.  It's about 70km from Canberra and, at the time we drove it, just suitable for a 2WD car.  We drove north along the eastern side of the creek to a picnic area and parked.


Both walks are excellently described in Harry Hill's The Hume & Hovell Walking Track Guidebook.

Micalong Creek is number 14 in Graeme Barrow's 30 Family Bushwalks in and around Canberra.  It is rated 14 km return (4 hours), moderate.

We were walking by 9.25am, at first along a raw forestry trail through felled pines.  But soon the creek started gurgling and, with the 2 little 'hobbits' (the symbol of the Hume and Hovell Walking Track), the track became enclosed in eucalypts on both sides.  Micalong Creek here is a delightful series of cascades.  A bridge took us across the creek, which was joined by Yankee Ned Creek.  We signed the walk register and pushed on another few hundred metres.

Having seen enough, we retraced our steps, lunching just off the track above the river.

Micalong Creek - Distance: 10.8km  Time: 9.25am-12.50pm, with a 25 minutes of stops.

1 Mist clearing in the Goodradigbee Valley 2 Cascades on Micalong Creek 3 Bridge over Micalong Creek at confluence of Yankee Ned Creek

Micalong Swamp is number 15 in Graeme Barrow's 30 Family Bushwalks in and around Canberra.  We just touched on it.

Returning to the car, we drove back to Brindabella Road, across the bridge and down the creek on the western side for a kilometre, just to have a sticky-beak.  We returned to Brindabella Road, recrossed the creek and then drove up stream on the eastern side for around 2 km, untill we found a place where we could get down to the swamp. We only walked in a 100 metres, my companion finding it not very exciting.

Micalong Swamp - Distance: 200m  Time: 1.15pm-1.25pm.

4 Micalong Swamp 5 Micalong Swamp 6 Micalong Swamp