1 September 2004 Mt Domain Photos
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Getting There

This walk was organised as a Wednesday walk by the combined CBC/FBI/NPA clubs, led by Doug F:

('The walk on Wed 1 Sept. will be in the Tidbinbilla Nature Park. We will walk up the newly reopened Fishing Gap Trail and go up to Mt Domain; return by same route. Meet at Weston Creek car park near Macdonalds, 8.30 am. Map: Tidbinbilla.').

27 of us walked.  We met at Cooleman Court and drove via the Cotter, then on Paddy's River Road to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.  We took the Tidbinbilla Ring Road to the left and parked at the Fishing Gap car park.


The first part was a 3.5km wander along Fishing Gap Road (a substantial fire trail) from the car park to Fishing Gap, a 325m climb.  The ‘ford’ over the Tidbinbilla River was a substantial earth road over pipe – no wet feet here.  The fire trail was fairly uninteresting, although the river was gurgling and the mountains towering.  No stop during the section. A very brief regroup and water stop at Fishing Gap.  This pleasant stroll of 1 hour and 5 minutes was nothing like the toil to come.

At Fishing Gap we turned north and up.  No need for careful navigation, just climb the spur to spot height 1402.  It was a steep climb through regenerating trees with plenty of suckering gum trees over stony ground.  Magnificent views began to open up.  There were brief stops to draw breath a couple of times.  This leg took 1 hour for 1.5km and a climb of 280 metres.

The third leg was from spot height 1402 to Mt Domain.  After a flatish saddle, with views on to Mt Domain and back to Corin Dam, there was a steep climb to the top.  Again, excellent views opened up, looking down on the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and, from the open top, in every direction.  Ginini Falls were clearly visible to the west and Tidbinbilla Mountain to the north.  This leg took 26 minutes for a climb of 110 metres over 0.65km.

Views to the north stirred a couple of us to want to walk the ridge line to Tidbinbilla Mountain ... maybe another time.  Lunch was enjoyed.

Going down was certainly easier and quicker, with views to the Nature Reserve before the trees closed in.

Distance: 11.5km  Time: 9.20am-3.10pm, with 1 hour 30 minutes of stops.

1 View back to Corin Dam 2 View to the NNW from Mt Domain 3 Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve