25 September 2004 Wee Jasper Photos
Maps: Wee Jasper 8627-4N Second Edition 1:25000, Couragago 8627-4N Second Edition 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised by the CBC.  11 of us participated.  A delightful drive from Weston Creek via Uriarra Crossing, right into Fairlight Road, right into Mountain Creek Road and thence to Wee Jasper.  The cleared valleys looked a picture in the early morning light.  The distance of around 90km took under one and a half hours.


This walk is described in Graeme Barrow's 30 Family Bushwalks in and around Canberra as number 12, Wee Jasper Circuit.  We added a little by wandering up towards Mount Wee Jasper.  It's also covered as sections 2 and 3 in Harry Hill's The Hume & Hovell Walking Track Guidebook.

We parked by the little church building, crossed the road and began the famous Hume and Hovell walking track, ingloriously, at the tip.  The track wound up and down steep-ish spurs in the Wee Jasper Nature Reserve.

Lunch was taken on the green grass overlooking the Wee Jasper Creek.

We then followed the track down and crossed the Wee Jasper Creek.

We crossed the Tumut Road and wandered up the Mt Wee Jasper trail to around GR 503099 (AGS66).

With many having evening commitments in Canberra, we returned to the James Fitzpatrick Trackhead and trotted back down the road to the cars at Wee Jasper.

All in all, a lovely stroll in the green of spring.

Distance: 12.6km  Time: 11.45am-4.35pm, with 45 minutes of stops.

1 Heading up the Hume and Hovell Track 2 Luncheon views to Wee Jasper Creek 3 Extent of our wander towards Mt Wee Jasper