4 December 2004 Bullen Range Photos
Maps: Tuggeranong 8727-3S Second Edition 1:25000, Tidbinbilla 8627-2S Second Edition 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised by the CBC.  4 of us participated.  We drove to Kambah Pool and left the car where the choice was to either cross the river or go downstream to the nudist swimming area!


I'd always wanted to get across the Murrumbidgee, ever since meeting Rob & Jenny H who are familiar with the area.  I addition, I love the hills to the west of where I live and the Bullen Range is the first of these.  I'd skirted up and down the river on the eastern bank a couple of times.  Here was my first opportunity to cross.  Not being super confident around water, I didn't take my GPS, so some details are approximate.

Go straight down the steel steps from the car park to the river bank and cross where you're looking.  The day we were there we got most of the way across with dry feet - at the major flow we decided to remove boots and socks to keep them dry.  I had river sandals; the rocks were slippery in bare feet.

Once across, we headed downstream for 100m or so till the spur opened up.  Then WSW up the steep climb.  Great views back to Kambah Pool.  Not much ground cover, so easy walking (apart from the climb).  We turned south along the ridge line and soon the dishes of the Tidbinbilla Tracking Station came into view.  Passed a native cheery tree up along the top.  Continued along to Brett Trig (881 metres), then down the track under the power lines.  Came out onto some open grasslands, then along a dry creek gully to the Murrumbidge River at the northern end of Red Rock Gorge.

We stripped down to swimmers and Rob was generous enough to porter my pack (wrapped in a sturdy garbage bag) across the river.  The water was over head depth on the western side, but a couple of feeble strokes from me saw feet on sandy/rocky bottom and the rest was a walk.  Actually, the water was pleasantly warm and we swam for quite a while after the packs and boots were across.

We dressed, had a leisurely lunch, then strolled back along the Kambah Pool to Pine Island Walking Track to the car.

Distance: 8.6km  Time: 8am-early afternoon.

1 Looking back to the Kambah Pool rock hop crossing 2 Looking down to Tidbinbilla Space Tracking Station 3 Murrumbidgee River at the northern end of Red Rock Gorge