5 January 2005 Below Mt Coree to Brindabella Mountain Photos
Maps: Cotter Dam 8627-2N Second Edition 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised as a Wednesday walk by the combined CBC/FBI/NPA clubs, led by Peter W:

('BRINDABELLA RANGE FIRE-BREAK FROM NEAR MT COREE TO BRINDABELLA MTN – 8 km Medium. I plan to walk on the firebreak along the Brindabella Range summit (not the road) from near Mt Coree to Brindabella Mtn, then go down the power line access trail to the Brindabella Road at 1080 m. Total climb about 400 m but distributed during the day. Walk is at an average altitude of 1300 m. The weather forecast is for a coolish day – 11 to 26oC mostly dry. With a bit of luck the trail and forest will be beautiful. Car shuffle. Map: Cotter Dam 1:25 000.').

25 of us walked.  We met at Cooleman Court at 8.30am and drove via the Cotter Bridge, then on to Piccadilly Circus.  We waited whilst a car was placed a further 3.5km down the Bridabella Road, then drove along the Two Sticks Road to the intersection with Curries Road.  50km to Piccadilly Circus (black top and good dirt), a further 5km to the start (just suitable at this time for a 2WD sedan).


The walk started at the Two Sticks Road/Curries Road intersection under the southern flank of Mt Coree, an imposing view from this point.  We headed south along the old fire trail on the ridge line which defines the NSW-ACT border, generally paralleling the Two Sticks Road.  We passed through spot heights 1234, 1291 and met the road briefly before climbing to spot height 1326.  We touched the road again briefly, then on along the track on the ridge line through spot heights 1265 and 1287.  We eventually came out at the powerlines about 500 metres west and above Piccadilly Circus, turned west and walked up to Brindabella Mountain for lunch.

The walk gave good views to the west across the Goodradigbee River, to the east to Canberra and south-east to the peaks of the Tidbinbilla Range.

After lunch we continued south-west along the fire trail (not the power line clearing) till we came out on the Brindabella Road where the car was placed.  Whilst drivers completed the car shuffle, we walked the 3.5km back up the Brindabella Road to Piccadilly Circus.

Distance: 12.1km  Time: 10am-2pm, with 45 minutes of stops.

1 Southern face of Mt Coree 2 Features on Tidbinbilla Range from Brindabella Mountain 3 View to Canberra