26 March 2005 Yankee Hat Trail and Grasslands Photos
Maps: Yaouk 8626-2N Second Edition 1:25000, Rendezvous Creek 8626-1N Second Edition, Environment ACT Namadgi Guide
Getting There

Drive from Weston Creek via the southern suburbs through Tharwa, past the Glendale Crossing area.  Turn right into Old Boboyan Road just before the end of the made road.  It's signposted to Yankee Hat Car Park.  The last 3.5km are unsealed.  A total of 57.5km, about 1 hour's drive.


The outward leg of this walk is number 10 on the Namadgi National Park map, Walks on walking tracks.  It is rated as 6km return (2.5 hours), but can be completed a little quicker than that if so desired.  I took 12 friends - extended family and church friends - of varying ages and varying walking abilities.  My little city slicker kiddy came down from Sydney to be the first family member to ever walk with me!  It is a lovely area and it was a picture perfect autumn day.

We first drove a little further down the Boboyan Road to the lookout to gain an overall appreciation of the area and to gaze at the hills of the Bimberi Wilderness.  We then drove to the car park and my question from yesterday was answered - 10 of the party formed a loo queue.  There were heaps of cars and the area looked like Woolies car park, but that meant many people were enjoying a day in the bush.

We were walking by 9.30am and at a leisurely pace reached the rock art site by 10.35am.  A lazy bite to eat, sitting atop the large flat rock overlooking the art, followed.  We were walking again by 11.10am, contouring around the tree line to the north towards Middle Creek.  After a while we headed back in the general direction of the cars, sauntering over the open grasslands.  As usual, we had the company of large mobs of kangaroos.  Back to the cars by 12.35pm, where we had a bite of lunch.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  It's marvellous to share in the wide ranging experiences and opinions of a large group.  And, on top of that, one person was wearing in a new pair of boots, another warming up for a walk tomorrow and me warming down from yesterday.  At least we can eat Easter bilbies with a somewhat clear conscience!

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Distance: 7.3km  Time: 9.30am-12.35pm, with 35 minute stop.

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