30 March 2005 Middle Creek Photos
Maps: Rendezvous Creek 8626-1N Second Edition
Getting There

This walk was organised as a Wednesday walk by the combined CBC/FBI/NPA clubs, led by Syd C:

('Walk from near Yankee Hat carpark up Middle Creek to a rock shelter and axe grinding grooves, returning via rock art site. About 14k much through open areas but some prickly scrub along creek.').

24 of us walked.  We met at Kambah Shops at 8.30am and drove to about 450m short of the Yankee Hat carpark.  We parked on the side of the road, just near a gate through the fence line (someone said that this area inside the gate was originally proposed as the car park for the Yankee Hat area).


We pressed through around the gate and were walking by 9.30am.  We were heading towards Middle Creek when one of the party led us to some axe grinding grooves on the Gudgenby River at GR791423 (GDA94).  After a brief stop we headed back west and stepped across Bogong Creek a couple of hundred metres north of the bridge.  Then lovely grassland walking towards the mouth of Middle Creek valley.  We crossed the south arm of Middle Creek and continued up the south side of the main Middle Creek.

At GR752439 (GDA94), just where Middle Creek is crossed by the fence line (as shown on the second edition map), we came upon the axe grinding grooves.  You certainly need to know what you're looking for!  After a good look and a break we went south up the fence line and over the little saddle to the east of spot height 1107, then down to the south arm of Middle Creek.  Crossing it, we propped at a massive granite rock for lunch.  I enjoyed talking with Mike S who pointed out that this south arm of Middle Creek is the way to get to Mt Kelly.

The return leg saw us heading east, first through the timber then out into the open, down to the main Middle Creek.  We found the Middle Creek rock shelter and its signage at around GR760435 (GDA94).

Then it was contouring around the edge of the tree line to the Yankee Hat rock art site.  Someone pointed out to me that the 'seam of quartz' was actually a line of silicone to prevent the rain from running down and damaging the art.

From here we wandered back along the trail until we crossed the Bogong Creek bridge, then headed directly back to the cars.

Distance: 11.6km  Time: 9.30am-2.45pm, with 1 hour 15 minutes of stops.

1 Middle Creek 2 Lunch rock near south arm of Middle Creek 3 Middle Creek rock shelter