17 July 2005 17 Jul Home Photos
Days 13-14 - 15-16 July. Southern Ben Lomond

Day 15- 17 July.  Home

Breakfast by the window looking up to an absolutely fabulous vista of crags and bluffs on southern Ben Lomond.  Good-bye to such a generous host and hostess.

With my leader's knee a little worse for wear, I had the pleasure of driving his car to Devonport.  Only 3 times did I attempt to change from 5th to reverse.  A detour into a country back lane to photograph the Western Tiers (the local farmer had a Porche and a ClubSport R8 in his driveway).

Dozey flights from Devonport to Melbourne and Melbourne to Canberra.  With chocolates in my hand luggage to counter the effect of a 2 week beard, I was welcomed home.

Summary:  This was the most fantastic series of adventures.  Only in a location such as Tasmania can one experience such a variety of spectacular scenery and quickly move from location to location as determined by the all-directing weather.  Carrying home, kitchen, larder and bed makes one appreciate creature comforts normally taken for granted.  Not so many lessons learned this time, but put into practice from last time (although being responsible for providing one's fuel would be high on the list).  I left 2kgm of body mass somewhere between the fillet steak, salmon, pizza and free range chicken (let's forget about the stout, beer and fine wine).  High on the list of life's positives is companionship, leadership and the sharing of bushcraft - thank you Rupert.  Higher is the appreciation of the blessing of spouse, home life, family and friends.

43 Morning sun on south Ben Lomond
44 Morning sun on Stacks Bluff
45 Western Tiers