30 November 2005 Casuarina Sands to Kambah Pool Photos
Maps: Cotter Dam 8627-2N 1:25000, Canberra 8727-3N 1:25000, Tuggeranong 8727-3S 1:25000
Getting There
This walk was organised as a Wednesday walk by the combined CBC/FBI/NPA clubs and led by David L:
(' I was away when the Great Australian Bushwalk took place on 21 October. However, having nominated the route, I would like to walk it myself. I note from the list of participants that there weren't many familiar Wednesday Walker names.   The GAB was from Casuarina Sands to Pine Island along the Murrumbidgee on the track that has been reworked since the 2003 fires. It is about 21 kms but there could be a shorter 14 kms option to Kambah Pool.  I thought we could do this with a crossover to save a long car shuffle and to break up the party. As it goes along the River there is not a lot of hills! Generally undulating.   Meet at Kambah Village at 8:30am. Weather forecast seems to be like what we are having today. If you want to swim that's up to you! Would you come prepared to assist in sorting out cars and ideas on whether you want to do the shorter route.').

We met at Kambah, then left a car at Kambah Pool.  We all then gathered at Casuarina Sands near the Cotter Bridge.  15 of us walked.


We were all assembled and walking by 9.10am, to the end of the car park, under the Cotter Bridge and along the track, benched and reworked since the 2003 fires.  Plenty of growth, with Peter W pointing out Hemlock, St Johns Wort and wild opium poppies to me.  New metal signage poles were in place offering the distance to Kambah Pool on one side and Casuarina Sands on the other.  They were often near the old, burnt track markers, making quite a contrast.  Certainly more growth since the last time I did this walk, about 18 months ago.  In keeping with our current weather patterns, we had a few showers, with the day eventually clearing as we reached Kambah Pool.

We stopped for morning tea for 15 minutes at 10.15am, at a nice sloping rock area which fitted us all.  It was just before Bulgar Creek.  A couple of new bridges over side creeks are in place.  A nice seat and new visitor register overlooking Bulgar Creek, which had quite a little waterfall flowing down.

On to the open grasslands where the track cuts the corner of an elbow bend in the river.  Further along, under Forster Trig, we stopped for lunch for around 45 minutes.  The flies didn't eat too much.

Our leader gave us the choice of taking a swim as we approached the 'Nude Bathing Area' sign but, as one walker said, we didn't want to frighten anyone.  In brilliant sunshine we topped the final hillock to the car, arriving at 2pm.

A pleasant little stroll whilst my walking mate is not available.

Distance: 13.1km (on the GPS, although signage says 14km)  Climb: 200m total in undulations.  Time: 9.10am - 2.00pm (call it 5 hours) with 1 hour of breaks.

1 Murrumbidgee River near Cotter Bridge
2 Razor ridge coming down off Bullen Range
3 Murrumbidgee River with Forster Hill over