2 August 2006 NE frontier of the ACT Photos
Maps: Bungendore 8727-2N 1:25000
Getting There
This walk was organised as a Wednesday walk by the combined CBC/FBI/NPA clubs and led by Peter W:
(Leader Peter W This walk is along the ridgeline fire trails, forming the northern margin of the Kowen Forest, and the southern margin of the generally open fields of  NSW. We walk between the Sutton Road and Kings Highway. To reduce the length of the walk I will cut off small sections of the two ends, and walk for about 20 km, of which most will be on fire trails, and about 1 km will be cross country. When we did this walk before if was very pleasant, an unusual part of the ACT with good views. Cars 50 km ($5) - we need a car shuffle. Map: Bungendore. Meet at Queanbeyan Swimming pool at 8:30 (last done 9/11/05)).

20 of us gathered at the Queanbeyan swimming pool.  A car was placed down the Kings Highway, then we all drove 10km N up the Sutton Road.


We climbed a fence into the pine forest and immediately began a 175m climb up the fire trail.  2 km into our journey we reached a fire tower which provided excellent views all round (pic 1).  Tromped on to Poppet Hill (918m) for morning tea (4.8km and 1hr 25mins to here).

Onwards, with the pine forest on the right and either lightly timbered or improved pasture land on the left.  In places old pegs and rock piles marked the ACT-NSW border.  Lots of ups and downs.  A short detour to Amungula trig point 915m), then on to a sheltered spot for lunch (11.7km and 3.5hrs).

Another 2km further on we headed S through the lifeless pine forest, cutting off a section and heading for the car on the Kings Highway (pic 2).  Passed the Geoscience Australia geophysical observatory and so to the highway.  Interesting growths on a tree near to where we waited for the cars to pick us up (pic 3).

A walk in a part of the ACT I'd not previously visited - and probably won't again for a while.

Distance: 17.2km  Climb: 700m.  Time: 9.10am - 2.40pm (5.5hr), with 65 minutes of stops.

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1 View of the way ahead from the fire tower
2 A short-cut through pine forest
3 Strange growths on tree by Kings Highway