22 August 2006 NE Ridge of Nursery Swamp Photos
Map: Rendezvous Creek 8626-1S 1:25000
Getting There
This walk was organised and led by Max S.  For our next walk I am looking at walking along ridge between Orroral valley and Nursery Swamp from Boboyan Rd, down into Nursery Swamp and follow Creek back to Rd.  We drove to Glendale and left the car.

Slow and scrubby won the race on the outward leg, with the return seeing us stepping through kilometres of pig rootings down Nursery Swamp.  However, the scrubby ridge was punctuated with spots allowing magnificent views to the W over Nursery Swamp and to the far side of Rendezvous Creek.

Away by 7.40am, immediately stepping across the Gudgenby River.  A cleverly designed route to the S with gentle climbs, swinging SW as we climbed more vigorously onto the ridge proper.  The birds are responding to the hint of Spring in the air.  I certainly hadn't done enough Weetbix for breakfast and felt the strain of the climb.  Views down to Glendale Depot and the open valley running S from there.  We curved NW and reached SH 1228 at 9.05am (1.995km and 1hr 25min to here).

We continued NW along the ridge through SH 1248.  It was slow and scrubby, with a little granite (see pic 1).  Turning a little to the N we pushed on until the first glimpse down into Nursery Swamp and the magical 10am morning tea stop.  There had been glimpses through the trees W to Mt Mavis (an up-coming objective for me) (3.160km and 2hr 20mins).

The next challenge was a little pimple of a hill in our path (significant, but not a marked SH), then on to a great viewing platform to its N, at around GR794501 (MGA94).  It provided a tremendous view down to Nursery Swamp.  On through SH 1267 to a granite shelf which provided an even more fabulous view (see pic 2).  Nursery Swamp was laid out below us, then the hills immediately to its W (which I visited 2 Apr 05).  But the eye was drawn to the skyline - Mt Namadgi between the dip in the ridge between Mt Herlt and Mt Mavis.  I have to get there! (4.425km and 3hr 30mins).

On to SH 1289, where views down to the Orroral Camping Ground and N up Orroral Valley were to be had (5.216km and 3hr 55mins).

From here we continued NW (sighting on Mt Orroral) until we cut the Nursery Swamp Walking Track (7.228km and 5hrs).

With time slipping by, we now put the pedal to the metal and quickly reached the massive table and benches by the track at GR765511 (MGA94), expecting at every turn to see pigs as the turned sods were so fresh (8.606km and 5hrs 20mins).  20 minutes for lunch.

The weather closed in a little, with a couple of scudding showers.  We made good time down the track, the only difficulty being the pig rootings.  A pic of the ridge we'd covered in the morning, taken from the side of Nursery Swamp (see pic 3).  On down to the S end of the swamp where the hills closed in (12.815km and 6hr 40mins).

A taped footpad followed us for a while, but we ignored it and it eventually went away.  As the contour lines closed in, Max made a good call to cross Nursery Creek and we traversed down and around the bottom of the spur to hit the road at 3.15pm (14.394km and 7hr 35mins).

Instead of a hard fire trail we endured the even harder blacktop, tromping the 2.3km back to the car in 25mins.

An excellent round covering a ridge I'd not walked before and the satisfaction of knowing what is at the bottom of Nursery Swamp.  A great combination of slow and scrubby ridge (with excellent views in places) and easy grassland walking.  Tar, mate.

Distance: 16.7km  Climb: 600m.  Time: 7.40am-3.40pm (8hrs), with 35mins of breaks.

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1 Scrub and granite along the ridge
2 View W from ridge NE of Nursery Swamp
3 NE Ridge of Nursery Swamp