17 and 24 September 2006 Introduction to Rock Climbing Photos
Map: Tuggeranong 8727-3S
Getting There
These 2 days were put on by a local rock climbing expert as a commercial course.  A great guy with heaps of experience rock climbing and mountaineering locally and worldwide.  Want to do the same, or climb with him?  Call Armando Corvini on 0419 693 493.

Rupert B is a good friend who always challenges me.  I hate H(eights), as well as W(ater) and B(lood), so he suggested that I do some basic rock climbing to increase my confidence in rock scrambling.  Looking for a map a couple of days ago, I asked the Mountain Designs guys - who are great rock climbers - where to go.  They gave me a name and number.  I'll depart with many dollars and, hopefully, gain much confidence.  I'm trusting that Rupert won't send me to the swimming pool and the blood bank next.

Two days out on limestone cliffs along the Queanbeyan River, led by an expert.  5 starters and 2 instructors.  We met at the Karabar shopping centre and drove a couple of km S along Cooma Street to an obvious parking area on the side of the road, then walked in around 700m to the 25m limestone White Rocks above the Queanbeyan River.

Day 1

The day consisted of a briefing; cliff warning; fitting climbing harnesses and helmets; knots - figure eight followed through, figure eight on a bite, double fisherman's knot; belaying technique - belaying/ATC devices; belaying a climber; pre-climb checks; climbing calls; climbing; abseiling; Prussiking.

All this - the climbing, abseiling and Prussiking - really pushed my limits.  A few fears were pushed back.  The climbing was physically exhausting, the abseiling push-off adrenaline raising (the rest was ok) and the Prussiking a real buzz.

5 climbs, 2 abseils and a bit of Prussiking makes it a 185m day!

Day 2

Mostly rained out.  We went to a garage at the Southside Caravan Park.  Some more knots - clove hitch, alpine butterfly, webbing knot, square knot.  Cams, wires and nuts.  Demonstration of anchor points and leading technique.  Back to the Queanbeyan carpark, where the wind gusted up and the showers fell.

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1 White Rocks by the Queanbeyan River
2 The harder climb
3 Coming up for arvo tea