19 September 2006 Planning and Leading a Walk- the basics  
Getting There
These sessions were presented by Ian S as a CBC activity:
(Tuesday 19 and Tuesday 26 September Planning and Leading a Walk- the basics. An opportunity to learn and discuss the ins-and-outs of planning and leading a walk. This would be ideal for those who havenít yet led walks, as well as for new leaders. Itís a good follow-on for those who did Jenny and Robís navigation course earlier this year. Weíll cover day, weekend and multi-day walks. Time:7-30 pm Venue: Curtin Contact: Ian S)).

I'm hoping to pick up some great tips and learn how to stress less and talk more!  Should be great.


3 students 'sat at the feet' of Ian.  He covered planning - research the trip, considerations, analytical approach, length/time, grade, party members/party size, other considerations, it description;  to the start - considerations; on the walk - good leader, mental outlook, party welfare, rate of travel, obstacles and unknown terrain, keep party together, opportunities for losing people, rests and lunch; campsites - selection, time of day, campfires; getting going - time, campsite; walk's end.  Some practical exercises were included.

All that sounds a bit dry, but it really came alive through all the information and Ian's vast experience.  It put into perspective my miniscule experience in the little corner of the world I prefer - there is a big world to walk out there and some very accomplished walkers.  Heaps of new stuff for me and some confirmation of the things I do.

Delish supper and we worked on till after 11pm, so covered all the material.  All that remains is ... to do it!

Thanks Ian, great stuff.