26 September 2006 Tinderry Peak Photos
Map: Tinderry 8726-1S 1:25000
Getting There
This walk was organised and led by Max S:

(Folks, Suggest walk to Tinderry Trig - this is based on Peter's walk back in August taking in the Onion (If I can find it) and Nth to Tinderry Trig rather than go South as Peter did. About 500 m and 10 km. If country not too slow  and time permits, may go further to Tinderry Twin. About 900 m and 17 km.)

Drive to Michelago, turn left onto the Queanbeyan Road, then right onto the Tinderry Road.  Continue along it to the start of the Round Flat Trail at GR068432 (MGA94).


Away down the Round Flat Trail at 8.05am.  Absolutely amazing to walk through unburned bush.  We left the trail as it bent away to the E after 1.8km and 25mins.

The next leg took us 1.6km to the NE, up 300m in 1hr 20mins.  At first the forest litter impressed, then the sighting of my first wild pig as it broke from cover and scampered away, the wattle and a few other wild flowers.  As we climbed, we started to get amongst the granite - perhaps Namadgi was a bit like this prior to the Jan 03 fires.

We turned a little more to the N and continued to climb through the granite, looking for morning tea.  Found it at 10.30am, having covered a further 400m in 40mins.  Grand views down to the E and the cleared valley around Michelago and N along the ridge where we were to head (see pic 1).

A further 1.4km and 1hr 15mins, with a 200m climb, saw us at Tinderry Peak.  Plenty of mountain goat scrambling required.  Eagles soared as we neared the Peak and the granite twisted into weird shapes (see pic 2).  We finally reached the trig site - some debris, anchor bolts in the rock and a log book (see pic 3).  Spectacular views.  We spent 15 minutes enjoying the view.

Tinderry Twin Peak was not an option today.  700m and 40mins to the ESE, we found a rock pile, climbed through the middle of it and onto a shelf at tree-top height.  A pair of eagles rose from near us.  30 mins for lunch.

900m to the E, we turned S around another huge granite outcrop and traversed down the slope, across Roberts Creek and out onto the open, pig-rooted edge of Round Flat.  Plenty of low hurdling as we stepped over fallen timber.  The S leg was 1.4km.  Another 700m and we were back on the fire trail and heading out to the car.

My first walk in this area.  A lovely combination of open bush and granite.  Thanks Max for the walk and Alan for your company.

Distance: 10.7km  Climb: 600m.  Time: 8.05am - 3.00pm (call it 7hrs), with 1hr 15 mins of breaks.

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1 Some goodly granite
2 Shaped granite near Tinderry Peak
3 Tinderry Peak