17 October 2006 Tinderry Twin Peak Photos
Maps: Michelago 8726-4S 1:25000; Tinderry 8726-1S 1:25000
Getting There
This walk was organised and led by Max S:
(Folks, This week I am suggesting an assault on Twin Tinderry Peak from the West side.  A bit exploratory for me but seems possible from the map.   Idea is to drive along Burra Rd to Mt Allen Fire Trail. Walk along West Tinderry Fire Trail until taking off at Michalgo Creek to commence climb from the Southern side of TTP.  Return going Nth to join fire trail    Estimate 6.5 km off track and 9-10 along fire trails.  Climb 700 m   Expect walk to be tough - fire trails probably ordinary.    Temp 26 deg so suggest 6.30 am start from John's house   Can people please confirm if coming otherwise will assume not).

3 of us met at 6.30am and headed out to Michelago.  Up the Burra Road beside Margarets Creek to just before the 'Mt Allen' property.  The Mt Allen fire trail heads off on the right.  The Tribute had its first spin in 4WD as we drove up around 300m to the gate.


A cool morning, both Tinderry Peak and Tinderry Twin Peak with their heads in the clouds.  Set out at 7.25am up the Mt Allen fire trail.  It quickly sorted us out - 2.9km in 45mins and a 350m climb!

As I understand it, the standard approach is to turn left onto the Tinderry fire trail.  But not Max, who likes round or through walks, not there and back.  So we turned right to our next surprise - 1.8km in 30mins down 310m to a point where we could leave the fire trail to head E up the S bank of Michelago Creek.  Max had neglected to add this little practice climb to his 700m estimate.

Our next leg of 1.4km took us to morning tea, a 150m climb in 40mins.  After leaving the fire trail and crossing the creek line we found a beautiful open spur heading gently up through open timber.  An early morning tea at a convenient rock pile with views to a clear TTP and a still cloud shrouded TP.

Away again at 9.35am to a slow leg traversing up the S bank of and E-W arm of Michelago Creek, high above the creek bed.  Very scrubby and slow.  1.6km in 1hr 15mins, including 280m climb.  Spied a well conditioned fox.

Our leader had indeed chosen an excellent route to approach TTP from the W, then S.  We lost very little height as we turned N and crossed the drainage line to the south facing and wetter side of SH1475.  A bit of fallen timber, but we were out of the scrub.  Up to a lovely view to the SH and on to TTP (see pic 1).  On across to the bottom of the last pinch, surprising a goat and kid (see pic 2).  Reached the top at 11.50am, having covered 1.2km in 1hr and climbing 260m.

Great views!  S to TP (see pic 3), W down to the Michelago valley, N into the haze to Googong Dam.  Lunch dispatched, a party member announced a 4pm appointment back in Canberra, so no doze in the sun!

Away at 12.20pm, heading down just to the W of N for 600m in 30mins.  Max saw another 4 goats.  A turn to just N of W and another 1.1km in 25mins to hit the Tinderry fire trail.

A slog back to the fire trail junction (1.6km), then back down to the car.

An excellent route, a little different approach to TTP.  Thanks, Max and Alan.  A nice workout for my new Mountain Designs Tasman boots.  Very comfortable with orthotics and full gel insoles.

Distance: 15.0km  Climb: 1050m.  Time: 7.25am-2.20pm (call 7hrs), with 40 mins of breaks.

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1 View to Tinderry Twin Peak and SH1475 from the SE
2 Goat and kid near Tinderry Twin Peak
3 Tinderry Peak from Tinderry Twin Peak