18 November 2006 Harrys Spur Photos
Maps: Corin Dam 8628-1N 1:25000; Peppercorn 8626-4N 1:25000
Getting There
This walk was organised and led by Peter W as an FBI walk and I was accepted as a guest:
(Sat 18 Nov—HARRYS SPUR TO GOODRADIGBEE RIVER—12 km Hard (12) Leader: Peter W. Starting at Mt Ginini summit, we go down Harry’s Spur Fire Trail, then off track, steep and rough in places, to the big waterfall on the river for lunch. Back the same way. Climb 900 m. Fire trail overgrown but ok. Forest only lightly burnt, river beautiful, a good workout. Cars: 140 km ($14). Maps: Corin Dam, Peppercorn. Meet at W at 8.00 a.m. ***).

7 walkers plus Peter met at the appointed time and place.  It was obvious from Peter's croaky voice that he would not be walking and leadership was duly handed over.  We drove via Urriara Crossing, Piccadilly Circus, along the Mt Franklin Road to Mt Ginini (another bag!). Around 1.5hr drive and dusty.

Further Information

IMPORTANT UPDATE: On 28 Oct 13 PW advised "that a footpad still exists following the route of the old fire trail down Harrys Spur, from Mount Ginini to the Goodradigbee River. A relatively slow party takes about 4 hours to the river. It is not fantastic, but a reasonable path with a few trees over it. Do take gloves, trousers and wear glasses."


We were away by 9.30am, heading down the cleared ski run from Mt Ginini (see pic 1).  Cool up there (1762m), so a layer needed.  The fire trail certainly has not been used in a while and those in the party who were last there in 1999 said it had changed a lot.  A turn to the W, a zig-zag, then generally SW.  At the top, lovely soft alpine grasses certainly made the fire trail different to most I've tromped along.  Dropping all the time and my first experience of a V-walk - down in the morning and back up in the afternoon!  The fire trail was just a pair of old wheel ruts, with fallen timber across it and, in a couple of places, head-high regrowth which proved the skill of our leader.  Patches of unburnt timber and magnificent tall gums.  We continued until 10.55am to where the line on Peter's map indicated we should head down to the W.  A convenient spot for morning tea (see pic 2) and to don gaiters (4.7km in 1hr25mins and 500m drop to here).

True to the walk description, the next leg took us steeply down to the Goodradigbee River, 1.7km and 390m drop in 1hr 10mins.  A little rough near the river bank.

We realised we'd hit the Goodradigbee River downstream of the falls, so we bulldozed our way upstream to above Basin Creek coming in from the W.  The way barred and time ticking by, there was a little indecision as to the next move.  But, following a brave lead, we waded the river, pushed up and over a little knoll on the W bank and soon found ourselves at the top of the falls (see pic 3) (this leg 260m taking 25mins).

The waterfall is at Perpercorn 8626-4N GR563642 (MGA94).  No harm in publishing this - if you get there, you deserve to appreciate it!

A great 2-level falls, with a surprising volume of water flowing.  No quick and easy way to the base, so we propped for a 30min lunch.

We set out to return at 1.20pm, my 7pm dinner engagement at friends' looking most unlikely, but I was pleased that we'd all pressed on to the objective.  It suddenly became hot and sweaty and airless, as we toiled back up the slope.  1.7km and 360m climb in 1hr 55mins at last got us to the fire trail.

A bit of a break and we continued the plod back up the 500m to the cars.

I do apologise to my fellow FBI walkers for not partaking in their usual back-at-the-cars cuppa and cake, and to my passengers for the speedy drive back.  Plenty of fauna crossing the road - a lyre bird elegantly, kangaroos dangerously, a large wild cat quickly and a tortoise slowly.

Distance: 13.1km  Climb: 900m.  Time: 9.30am-5.30pm (8 hrs), with 50mins of stops.

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1 Ski clearing from Mt Ginini leading to Harrys Spur
2 Harrys Spur fire trail at morning tea
3 Goodradigbee River waterfall