6 Mar 2007 E of Smokers Trail, including SH1452 Photos
Map: Corin Dam 8626-1N Second Edition 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Max S:

(Propose to walk from Smokers Trail Car Park along for about 4 km before heading east and loop back to Smokers Trail Fire Trail via SH 1452 to return to car park. About 5 km on track and 5 km off track.  Climb 300 m.  Probably rocky, burnt areas, undergrowth and steep in parts. May be interesting. Map Corin Dam Car say $7 Meet at Kambah at 7.30 am).

4 of us met and drove to Smokers Trail car park, off the Corin Dam Road.


A short and quick walk today, as our trusty leader had to drive to Sydney afterwards. A cool morning, perfect early autumn weather hinting of conditions for vigorous walking soon to come.

A 4.4km jaunt in 55mins down Smokers Trail, the only item of interest being a dingaroo seen by our leader (I thought it a wallaby, but didn't argue). Then a turn down in some sort of easterly direction to the aircraft cash site I'd previously been shown. We reached it at 9.25am. We viewed the fuselage and wing sites, then sat and had an early morning tea. Sitting still demanded a light extra layer, the little creek that the wing rests in was running (see pic 1) and ground cover grasses green.

We headed a couple of hundred of metres N to examine some small bits of granite, then trended E. Across 3 drainage lines which were all running and up through very pleasant open bushland with green ground cover. At around GR737645 (MGA94) we struck some lovely granite, the size of compact 2-storey apartments. Quite a little terrace and, once on the top, a lovely slab (see pic 2) with views WSW to McKeahnie Trig and Dutchies Peak, SW to Split Rock and W to Mt Gingera.

On a further 1.6km to the flat and uninspiring top of SH1452, then down to the open area to the E of the old dog proof fence which eventually parallels the N end of Smokers Trail. We wandered up a green drainage line, one of many which feed Blue Gum Creek. Even it had running water at the beginning. And so to a pleasant early luncheon spot (see pic 3), with choice of sun or shade.

Away at 12.15pm, N then NW to trip over the fence on the ground and strike Smokers Trail 1km S of the car.

Thanks Max, Alan and Madeleine. A nice little wander and excellent to get back into the swing of Namadgi day walking.

Distance: 10.5km  Climb: 300m.  Time: 8.10am - 12.40pm (4.5hrs), with 1hr of stops.
Rating: M/M; M(8).


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1 Down the gully from the wing
2 Cameo granite
3 Early luncheon vale

Thanks to Mike B, who did some great detective work to track down some further information on the crash and, via excellent deduction, navigation and good fortune, visited the site on 23 Jun 07 based on minimal clues: