10 March 2007 Fishing Gap - Smokers Gap crossover Photos
Maps: Tidbinbilla 8627-2S Second Edition 1:25000; Corin Dam 8626-1N Second Edition 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was a CBC walk led by Jenny and Rob H:

(Saturday 10 March - Fishing Gap - Smokers Gap crossover walk via Billy Billy Rocks - M/R This is a repeat of an enjoyable trip we did a few years ago. Maps: Corin Dam, Tidbinbilla 1:25,000. Leaders: Jenny and Rob H Transport: ~$10.).

I last did this walk in Rob's party on 21 May 05.

10 of us met and drove in 2 cars, one to Fishing Gap car park in the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and the other to the Smokers Gap car park.


My party was fortunate enough to find the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve gates 'unlocked' at 8.30am, so were able to drive through and we were walking by 8.50am. Dispatched the 3.4km to Fishing Gap in 45mins.

A chance to catch our collective breaths, don gaiters and head up S through good regrowth. Shaley underfoot. Morning tea appeared at 10.30am after 1.3km and 220m up in 55mins. Great views along the SE rim of the Tidbinbilla valley, especially to Billy Billy Rocks and up to our planned lunch spot, where we'd meet the other party.

Away again at 11am, scrubby and down to a saddle, then a 270m climb to the luncheon rocky knoll. A crafty route chosen by our illustrious leader, a little to the SW of our track last time and a whole lot easier amongst the top granite. The visual helped, as his Tidbinbilla 'map' was a pale photocopy which appeared to have only one contour line. Thank goodness the Assistant Walks Secretary was fully equipped.

On the top at 12.15pm, met the other party and lunched together for nigh on 1hr. Excellent views all round, including to Billy Billy Rocks further around the rim (see pic 1), some of the Bimberi Wilderness tops to the S, the Brindabellas to the W (see pic 2), closer at hand the climb and saddle we'd used then circled round to the back of our rocky hill, Mt Domain N of were we'd started and the Tidbinbilla skyline marching N.

A check that drivers still possessed the other's car key and we were away by 1.10pm, heading SE then E for 1.4km to Bogong Cave. A special place (see pic 3), were research has been done on the aboriginal use of the cave by Josephine Flood.

Then on the 1.7km to reach Smokers Gap car park. Our leader had been quiet since lunch, no doubt searching for a water bottle which was reported lost by a member of the other party. He found it around 500m S of Bogong Cave, then immediately tried to gain our support for a tale that he had been back-tracking the other party all the way, following each trodden blade of grass and broken twig. However, a professionally qualified member of the party knew the real reason - Rob and Keith had been tracking the pheromones of their better halves, both members of the other party!

The lads practised their first aid on Margo's gashed shin (trust it didn't need stitches) - every exposure to blood and guts helps me overcome my aversion.

A lovely little walk and nice to redo it. Thanks Rob for the usual polished leadership and navigation - all errors well hidden. Great company with Keith and Margo and Ros. Jenny had a great mob going the other way, too.

Distance: 9.7km  Climb: 850m.  Time: 8.50 - 3.05pm (6.25hrs), with 1.25hrs of stops.
Grading: M/R; M(11)

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1 Telephoto to Billy Billy Rocks from lunch spot
2 Lunch time granite looking W
3 Entrance to Bogong Cave