7 Apr 2007 De Salis Knobs Photos
Maps: Corin Dam 8626-1N 1:25000; Rendezvous Creek 8626-1S 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as a CBC walk:

(Saturday 7 April - De Salis Knobs- L/M-R If you think the view is grand from Split Rock, then the vista from De Salis knobs is fabulous. A long day with much fire trail, but worth every step. Out via the Orroral Valley (with views up to the Ridge of Stone), Smokers Trail and Cotter Hut Road. Before Eighty Acres we head bush and climb 350m up to a knob or two. Views to the north (to Mt McKeahnie and Dutchies Peak), south (to Split Rock, Coronet Peak and Bimberi Wilderness peaks) and west (to the Brindabellas) from wonderful granite slabs. We then trek SE to Cotter Gap, pick up the AAWT and endure more of Cotter Hut Road to get home. Around 24km and 800m total climb. Energetic walking for a long-stepping party. Maps: Corin Dam, Rendezvous Creek 1:25000. Limit of 8. Leader: John Evans – jevans@pcug.org.au, (h) 6288 7235. Transport: ~$10. Further details at www.pcug.org.au/~jevans.).

Thanks to Roger E who put this walk on a few years ago and I pinched it when trawling through old CBC its for ideas for walks.

A repeat of a walk on 7 Nov 06. I can't count (or else I can't refuse happy walkers) - 10 of us met in Weston Creek and headed out in 2 cars to the Orroral Valley tracking station car park.


Cool (around 10°C) when we arrived and overcast. Heaps of people camped at OV camping grounds. We sorted ourselves out and hit the valley at 8.15am. Two of our party, at around this time last year, were in Europe at pilgrim sites/ways, so we reckoned (for those that are into it) that we were walking an Aussie Easter pilgrimage today. Anyway, it was a great little wander. Excellent views, as always, up to Orroral Tor and the Ridge of Stone (The Cloisters, The Belfrey, Tower Rocks, Legoland, The Trojan Wall and Sentinel Rocks).

I'd always seen a 'Hut' marked on the 1st edn map up the Orroral Valley and was pleased to have pointed out to me a new sign at the site of the hut stumps. Next time I'll read the sign. Through Fishloch Yards at 9am and straight up the valley to ford Sawpit Creek - who needs a bridge, anyway! 9.40am at this point, having covered around 7km.

We next headed SW up Smokers Trail to its intersection with the Cotter Hut Road, reaching here at 10.10am. A further 2km from here we found morning tea on the side of the Cotter Hut Road, where we were to head bush. A well deserved 15min break.

Having navigated without fault to this point (along tracks and roads), we set off at 111°M. An experienced member of the party rather described it as 'up SE till we hit the top'. A bit more regrowth in the 5 months since last time. We skirted to the SW of SH1473 and headed down to the saddle, then up to the first of the knobs at GR69615693 (GDA94).

The day had cleared by now and, as expected, we enjoyed fabulous views. My wife says that pics of hills all look the same, but that's not the case when you've sweated to view them (see pics 1, 2 and 3). I was particularly interested in the view to Mavis Ridge (see pic 3), as we'll be heading just NW of that bare patch over the right of Split Rock next Tuesday, to attempt to go down the other side onto Little Creamy Flats. Anyway, a languid lunch on a nice granite slab. Decided not to push on to another knob.

Away at 12.45pm, on a technical bearing of 'a little to the left of Split Rock'. A bit slow at first down through a little regrowth and granite, but soon more open and a pleasant stroll down to hit the AAWT near the base of Split Rock. Only 50 minutes for this leg - last time it must have been the hail and 'shells on, shells off' which made it longer. Strolled down to Pond Creek, but no water.

A quick downhill to Sawpit Creek along the AAWT, passing two young ladies who got off to a late start due to a flat tire. They had been planning to visit Split Rock, but were resigned to just Pond Creek. Plenty of water flowing in Sawpit Creek, so we drank a little, caught our collective breaths, then plodded on to join the Cotter Hut Road. Endured that and back to the cars at 3.50pm.

Zabeta had a lovely gift for each of us - a hand painted Easter egg - with instructions for it to be consumed first thing on Easter Sunday. Thank you Zabeta, that was special.

Back to Tharwa store where ginger (and) beer and ice cream were consumed. Back into town just after 5pm.

I do trust everyone enjoyed themselves and the views. It's difficult assessing a repeat walk. But there was plenty of conversation, smiles, sweat and cursing - so it must have been enjoyable. As usual, I did have a ball. Thanks for your grand company - Christine, Dick, Doug, Jacqui, Jenny, Madeleine, Quentin, Tom and Zabeta.

Distance: 23.8km  Climb: 800m.  Time: 8.15am - 3.50pm (call it 7.5hrs), with 45mins of stops.
Grading: L/M-R: H(12)

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1 Coronet Peak from De Salis Knobs
2 Bimberi Wilderness peaks from De Salis Knobs
3 Split Rock with Mavis Ridge behind from De Salis Knobs