25 Apr 2007 Boboyan Trig Circuit Photos
Maps: Yaouk 8626-2N 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised and led by John K as a CBC walk:

(Wednesday 25 April - Namadgi NP - Boboyan Trig Circuit - M/M-R. From the Naas Car Park we’ll take a very scenic walk along the broad Naas Valley past the ruins of Boboyan Homestead. We’ll take a RH turn up the Old Boboyan Rd and lunch at the base of Boboyan Hill. A steep and scrubby climb of 250m to Boboyan Trig for some stunning views across to Mt Gudgenby, etc We’ll finish with a leisurely 40 minute walk back to the cars along the Yerrabi walking track. See the following web address for more info http://www.environment.act.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_fi le/28972/Yerrabi_Track_Brochure.pdf. A short car shuffle. Map: Yaouk 1:25,000. Leader: John K Transport: ‾$16.).

13 of us met at Kambah and drove via Tharwa to the Old Boboyan Road South (Naas Valley) car park. A car shuffle back to the Yerrabi Walking Track car park.


We drivers got on the track at 9.20am. Overcast and cool - perfect autumn walking conditions up the still green Naas Valley. The rest of the group had waited for us at the Boboyan Homestead ruin (see pic 1).

We continued on up the valley, a large and talkative group. Two eagles soared high above. A right turn at the track junction and a pleasant morning tea by rocks a few metres further on. The sun joined us and we enjoyed views to Sentry Box Mountain.

We continued 2.7km up the Old Boboyan Road until a magic point (or else a slight spur) marked and required us to right turn into the bush. A variety of going, including open woodland, a bit of scrubby regrowth and patches of nice granite (particularly at GR78363583 (GDA94)), took us generally NE up to Boboyan Trig, which we reached at 1.10pm.

I'd been here before in the mist and in from the N and out to the W, but never known about or visited the wonderful granite viewing platforms and slabs to the NW of the Trig. We followed the rocky track to the top platform for lunch, enjoying fine views to the W to Mt Gudgenby and the further Bimberi Wilderness peaks. We then descended a fine set of steps to the lower slabs and boulders and had an explore (see pic 2 - a bit of a cave under that). More views to Mt Gudgenby (see pic 3).

We left at 2.10pm and followed the Yerrabi Walking Track back to the car park, arriving at 2.40pm.

Picked up the remaining car, stopped at the Hospital Hill Lookout for fine views and at Tharwa store for drinks and icecreams.

A great little wander, thanks to John for organising it and to all for their company.

Distance: 12km  Climb: 400m.  Time: 9.20am-2.40pm (call it 5.5hrs), with 1hr 15mins of stops.
Grading: M/M-R; M(9)

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1 Boboyan Homestead ruin
2 Boboyan Trig area granite
3 Mt Gudgenby over Boboyan Trig area granite