8 May 2007 South Namadgi Huts and Ruins Photos
Maps: Shannons Flat 8626-2S 1:25000, Yaouk 8626-2N 1:25000, Colinton 8726-3N 1:25000 and Bredbo 8726-3S 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as an irregular CBC Tuesday walk:

(Tuesday 8 May - S Namadgi Huts and Ruins - L/M, part X The southern Namadgi needs a few more old ruins, so come and help me explore those already there. A long drive to near the southern border of the ACT, so we might as well visit a few sites. An 8.8km return easy walk NW up Back or Grassy Creek comes first, starting at Brayshaws Hut, to visit Westermans and Waterholes Huts. We then drive back up the Boboyan Road to the Mt Clear car park. Finally, a 12.6km return trek on fire trail and creek flats to Sam Aboud’s dunny and Chalkers Chimney, with a jump across the creek to Potters Chimney. Around 22km and 350m total climb. It will be a longish day.  Maps: Shannons Flat, Yaouk, Colinton and Bredbo 1:25000. Limit of 8. Leader: John Evans – jevans@pcug.org.au, (h) 6288 7235; contact me by 6pm the previous Sunday to discuss options. Transport: ~$15. Further details at www.pcug.org.au/~jevans.).
I'm on a hut bagging kick at the moment - does anyone know the story of Sam Aboud's dunny? Yes - thanks to Jenny H, see below.

5 of us drove via the Boboyan Road to park near Brayshaws Hut, just shy of the southern border of the ACT.



Part 1 - Brayshaws, Waterhole and Westermans Huts:

An overcast, mild day greeted us as we alighted from the car at the Brayshaws Hut car park (an improvement since the last time I was by - I think - I was wondering where I'd park on the side of the road). Away at 8.25am on 256°M and I successfully navigated the first 50m to Brayshaws Hut (see pic 1). In excellent condition.

Continued W on 256°M up the open grassland and through lovely, unburned, open forest. Encouraged by a glimpse to the fire trail near Back or Grassy Creek, we swung a little to the NW and arrived at 9.10am at a fine set of rustic Yards (GR77112830 (GDA94) Yaouk 2826-2N 1:25000), complete with sheep dip.

1.2km on 300°M took us to Waterhole Hut (see pic 2) by 9.30am and we were pleasantly surprised by its condition. A little more basic than the previous one, with dirt floor and plastic covered windows, but equipped with a fine sleep-out and iron-framed bed for summer nights.

A step or two further NW along the Grassy Creek fire trail took us to the Waterhole Hut Stockyards at 9.40am ('These stockyards were built by Jack Oldfield and Alf Peters during the period 1935-39. They were used to contain both sheep and cattle and represent one of the most intact examples of pre-World War 2 stockyards in Namadgi National Park and perhaps in the Australian high country.')

We about turned and quickly followed the fire trail ~3km SE to Westermans Hut (see pic 3), arriving at 10.30am. This is in magnificent condition, with curtained windows and Perspex-covered exposed internal walls to show off the construction. Pictures of Thomas and Mary Westerman grace either side of the fireplace. Enjoyed a 15min morning tea on the back verandah.

Away again at 10.45am and followed a faint vehicle track to the NE which returned us at 11.15am to the car.

Drove back up the Boboyan Road a couple of km and turned right to go into the Mt Clear camping ground (well, the car park).

Part 2 - Sam Aboud's Dunny, Chalkers and Potters Chimneys:

Away at 11.25am on a pretty boring wander up the Long Flat fire trail to Sam Abouds Dunny (see pic 4), arriving at 12.35pm. We cut a couple of corners on the zig-zags up the hill. A range of reactions to this fine structure! A week or so later Jenny H was kind enough to offer:

Seeing Sam Aboud's dunny recalled a picture in Daphne Curtis's book about Namadgi. This is what she says: "when the Maguires sold Long Flat to Sam Aboud about 1970, we missed them coming to Mt Clear. Sam put a hut on the property and an open air septic toilet with no floor or walls: just the septic bowl on the rock". She has the picture of the toilet in her book.

Back down to the fire trail and along to the ford, then 0.45km on 8°M to GR840263 Bredbo, the reported location of Chalkers Chimney. Mike found it at GR8409426489 (GDA94) Bredbo 8726-3S 1:25000. A substantial structure (see pic 5). Lunch 12.50-1.20pm for 30mins on a nearby granite block.

Discussion on a possible different return route, but in the end we retraced our steps along the fire trail, cut a bit more off at the zig-zags with the benefit of the top view, skipped over Back or Grassy Creek to visit Potters Chimney (see pic 6) and back via Webb's Dam. At the car by 2.55pm.

A mandatory stop at the Tharwa store.

A nice little ramble on the day my granddaughter was born in San Diego! Thanks for your company and conversation Dick, Janet, Mike and Louise.

Distance: 20.6km  Climb: 350m.  Time: 8.25am - 2.55pm (6.5hrs), with 45mins of stops.
Grading: L/E-M,X; M(10)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: South Namadgi Huts and Ruins

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1 Brayshaws Hut
2 Waterhole Hut
3 Westermans Hut
4 Sam Abouds Dunny
5 Chalkers Chimney
6 Potters Chimney