26 June 2007 Stockyard Spur Photos
Map: Corin Dam 8626-1N 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Max S as a private Tuesday walk:

(26th June Stockyard Creek From Corin Dam, climb to Stockyard Spur and descend to Stockyard Creek at about the minor falls.  Walk up Stockyard Creek until returning to Stockyard Spur and return. Probably about 15 km and 700 m. Distance will depend on walking time as the aim is to be back at the cars no later than 4.00 pm. Walking up the creek will be slow, bushy, wet and slippery in part. Obviously allow for cold weather, possible patches of snow. Meet at Kambah at 7.30 am.)

2 of us met at 7.30am, each probably hoping that the other would want to cancel in the rain. However, we're walkers not wimps, so drove on to Corin Dam.


Two lyrebirds crossed the road near the dam. It was sleeting in places on the way in, raining steadily at the dam. The plan was modified to just wander up Stockyard Spur, as Max had been to the falls before and knew that it was steep, rocky and would be slippery.

A good opportunity to try our wet weather gear, we were suitably attired and walking by 8.30am. A relatively private experience, as beanie and shell hood sort of encases one and it's difficult to talk. The rain turned to sleet and then to snow as we climbed the 550m up to Stockyard Spur. Snow fall with no wind extends the cone of silence. It was quite magical. Towards the top it became quite steady and thick, with maybe 5-10cm of snow. We only realised we'd reached the main track along the top of the spur (see pic 1) when we saw the twin vehicle tracks. The plastic bag marker was not visible and the cairn in the middle of the track was snowed over. 1hr to here.

With no intention of getting to Stockyard Creek, we retraced our steps. Back at 10.15am.

Certainly a good call to return. It was still raining at Corin Dam but, as we drove out, snow began to fall and it was a hairy ride in the 2WD, with traction control working to the max as we slipped and slid up and down the hills to Smokers Gap (see pics 2 and 3). Here, at least, another vehicle had driven in and done a U-turn, so there were tire marks through the 5-10cm of snow to guide us. Another half hour and we would not have got out.

Magical snow. Thanks Max.

Distance: 3.8km  Climb: 550m.  Time: 8.30-10.15am (1.75hrs).
Grading: S/M; E(6)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Stockyard Spur

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1 Stockyard Spur at the junction of the access pad from Corin Dam
2 We made tracks out on the Corin Dam Road
3 Corin Dam Road