14 July 2007 (Still looking for) Calvary site Photos
Map: Tuggeranong 8727-3S 1:25000, Tidbinbilla 8627-2S 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as a private walk:

(Saturday 14 July: Calvary site – M/M From the stock route on the Tidbinbilla Road to the clear Barnes Hill trig, then NW along the very southern end of the Bullen Range. Drop back down the the NW corner of the Miowera Pine Forest and follow the fenceline to the ruins of Calvary. Then S to Miowera trig and SE through the burt out pines to the car. Leave 7am, all over before lunch.)

The CBC Social Secretary was kind enough to accompany me. We left town at 7.30am and drove to the stock route gate on the Tidbinbilla Road.


It was a beautifully clear, crisp Winter's morning better, in fact, than the Canberra weather just over the ridge line to the E. We followed the trail in around 1km, then struck cross country up the ridge to Barnes Hill. This trig point afforded panoramic and spectacular views - to the S, Castle Hill and Mt Tennent (see pic 1); swinging through the W to the N - the 4 peaks marching up beside Corin Dam Road, Gibraltar Peak, the wonderful Tidbinbilla skyline from Mt Domain spur N to Pierces Trig, with Miowera Trig in front and white-frosted paddocks where the sun had not yet touched (see pic 2).

We continued up the ridge line to the NW to the next bare top. Then on to the end of a trail which wound down to the NW corner of the Miowera Pines. From here we followed the fence line to the NW, open (private) grazing land on the left and the scrubby Bullen Range Nature Park on the right. After about 400m we hopped the fence and headed to the given location of Calvary, reported to be 2ft high walls remaining of a pise constructed dwelling. We didn't find it, had a look around (the GPS recorded track looked like a maze), then headed back to the fence line.

We wandered a little further to the NW along the fence, then struck out S and up the hill (hoping that the farmer wouldn't set his dogs on us or shoot us - must ask permission next time!) to Miowera trig. Again, absolutely astounding views to the Tidbinbilla skyline (see pic 3). A stop of morning tea just back off the crest of the hill.

Down to the E, then SE through the forest area on forestry trails and across country, back to the car.

A lovely little half day 'ramble'. Must come back again, maybe with a group from church. Thanks, Jenny, for your company and, as always, absolutely wonderful tales of the pioneers of the area. And, much to my disgrace, I had to ring Paul N (whose walk to Calvary I first saw) yet again and he generously offered to come out with me and show me the site! He confirmed the GR as GDA94, said Calvary faced N to the Bullen range with a E to W flowing stream down in front.

Distance: 12.1km  Climb: 400m.  Time: 7.50-11.40am (call it 4hrs), with 25mins of stops
Grading: M/M,X; M(8)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: (Still looking for) Calvary site

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1 Castle Hill and Mt Tennent from Barnes Hill
2 Miowera Trig and Tidbinbilla skyline from Barnes Hill
3 Tidbinbilla skyline from Miowera Trig