30 October 2007 Coronet Peak Photos
Maps: Corin Dam and Rendezvous Creek 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Max S as an FBI ad-hoc Tuesday walk:

(Folks The walk is as follows by popular demand – Coronet Peak - From Orroral carpark the walk is via the AAWT through Cotter Gap Long day – about 24km on track and 3.5 km Off track. Off track expected to be scrubby and rocky Climb of probably 900 m overall but only 300 m steep Suggest the rating is Hard but should not need to rush – assume late finish Start 7.30 at Kambah shops  (I know, no-one’s body clock  has adjusted to daylight saving yet) Cost $10 Weather – sunny 6-25 deg in Canberra Maps – Corin Dam and Rendezvous Creek Note – If less than 4 walkers this will not be a FBI sanctioned walk.)

And popular it was, with 5 of us enjoying the long walk and marvelous views.


Away at 8.20am on a fabulous blue-sky day. Absolutely perfect for walking. 1hr 10mins for the 5.4km to where the AAWT leaves the Cotter Hut Road.

Then great walking along the AAWT, through Sawpit Creek (water running), up to Cotter Gap and down to the top of Pond Creek for views up to Split Rock whilst we enjoyed a bite of morning tea (this leg 3.5km in 50mins). I've never seen the area looking better - green from a little recent rain, wildflowers out and regrowth hiding more and more of the black.

Away again after 10mins, down the Pond Creek cut, a regroup and gaiters on at the (flowing) tributary to Pond Creek near the camping spot, and a bit further on to the point where our leader had chosen to leave the track (this leg 3.5km in 1hr).

A good steady climb towards Coronet Peak, vegetation more open than I'd remembered (but we were a few hundred metres to the W of where I'd previously come up - and I like today's approach better). One thing I could contribute was that the best way up onto the cap is an easy climb slot on the NE side. We found it quickly and were up by 12.40pm (this leg 1.6km in 1hr 10mins). Another member of the party had previously gained the top of the cap via a more difficult chimney climb.

We spent 50mins enjoying lunch (although a tomato was lost over the edge so, no doubt, there will have to be a tomato clearing - or eating - return trip) and the awesome, uninterrupted 360° view. It was cool in the breeze on the top and an extra layer was needed and leeward shelter for lunch. I began to the SE, drawn by the view to the Mavis Ridge (as I had to postpone last Tuesday's walk along the ridge-top we could see). It stretched into the distance to Mt Mavis (SH1711), its SW flanks spilling down into Creamy Flats Creek. We could see Little Creamy Flats where I'd lunched in the ants on 10 Apr 07. Next to catch our attention was the rocky bulb of the Mt Namadgi N ridge. The top and usual view of Mt Namadgi was over the back and out of sight. Sweeping further clockwise was, apart from a little tree (about the only vegetation to obstruct any view) the dip of Licking Hole Creek and the Kelly Spur. Mt Kelly reared at the back. See pic 1. To the W lay the Cotter River, the Upper Cotter Flats clear and green. At the back towered Mt Morgan and Mt Murray and, under the rounded lump of Bimberi Peak, was the Cotter Hut. The Yaouk Trail, Cotter Hut Road and Mount Franklin fire trail stood out through the blue-grey-green vegetation. Cotter Flats looked green and inviting (see pic 2). To the NW marched the Brindabellas, with Gingera and Ginini recognisable. To the N, in the distance, was the regular W flank of Tidbinbilla Mountain; in the middle ground, Mt McKeahnie and the granite block of Dutchies Peak. Closer, to the NE, were McKeahnie knobs flanking the Pond Creek cut (see pic 3). NE and E were the barren, rocky walls hiding Rock Flats and stretching to the SE to form the upper Mavis Ridge. Stunning!

We left at 1.30pm and retraced our steps. Met a party of 4 as we were going up the Pond Creek cut - they were on day 1 of a little wander to Walhalla. They recorded David P's name, as they will meet him around Mt Hotham in a few week's time. Came down the Orroral Valley rather than the fire trail, the last few km on the grass a little easier on our feet. Back to the car at 5.30pm.

Excellent day, wonderful views, great company. Smoothly led Max; thanks for chats with David P, Madeleine H and Prue D.

Distance: 28.1km  Climb: 1200m.  Time: 8.20am - 5.30pm (call it 9 hours), with 1hr 10mins of breaks.
Grading: L/R; H(14)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Coronet Peak

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1 SE from Coronet Peak - Mavis Ridge, Creamy Flats Creek, Mt Namadgi N bulb, Mt Kelly, Kelly Spur
2 W from Coronet Peak - Cotter Hut and Cotter Flats beneath Bimberi Peak
3 NE from Coronet Peak - Mt McKeahnie and Dutchies Peak, McKeahnie knobs, Pond Creek cut