16 January 2008 Nursery Swamp Aboriginal Rock Art and nearby Photos
Map: Rendezvous Creek 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Doug F as a Wednesday walk:

( Wed 16 Jan 2008 - Nursery Swamp area - Medium (9). Leader Doug F. We don't want to be walking in the sun at this time of year so the walk will head into Nursery Creek area in the shade of trees and look at the aboriginal painting site. We then do a bit of a ridge walk on the southwest side of Nursery Swamp before coming back down to the swamp and the path back to the cars. Total climb about 400 m. 9 km. Cars: 80 km ($8). Map, Rendezvous Creek. Meet at Kambah Village shops 8.30am. Weather - Max 32 deg.C, possible thunder shower. Bring lots of drinking water.).

10 of us met and drove to Nursery Swamp car park, where another 2 joined us.


The Nursery Swamp Walking Track took us up to the U-turn, where we left it at the burnt marker post and headed W-ish along the N side of the western arm of Nursery Creek. A clear footpad assisted. 1.2km from the turn off we arrived at the site area, with signage and visitors book. This leg 3.1km in 1hr.

There are many huge granite boulders in the area, but several members of the party had previously visited, so newbies like myself were well guided. As well, Mike B had put a very helpful note in the visitors book on a visit 19/8/07 - 50 metres 320°! I had a scout around, then visited the shelter and art (see pic 1). The signage includes 'This is the highest elevation rock art site known in Australia (1170m) ...' We climbed some of the other boulders, then settled in for morning tea.

Away at 10.50am to retrace our steps for 0.5km, then head across the W arm of Nursery Creek, across the taped footpad to Rendezvous Creek and SE up the ridge to the SW of Nursery Swamp. We found lunch at a knoll conveniently positioned at the cross of grid lines GR770500 (GDA94). This leg 2.8km in 1hr 45mins.

A relaxed lunch in the shade - only one peel of thunder from a partially threatening sky. Great views across to the Mavis Ridge, with Mt Namadgi in the gap between Herlt and Mavis (see pic 2).

A 0.7km helter-skelter down to the Nursery Swamp Walking Track in 25mins. Then a tromp back to the cars of 3.5km in 1hr.

A well chosen walk for the day's temperature, to an aboriginal rock art site I'd not visited. A good walk to an area near Nursery Swamp that I'd not been to, with great views across to the Mavis Ridge. Thanks Doug and thank you walking companions.

Distance: 10.2km  Climb: 400m.  Time: 9.30am - 2.35pm (call it 5hrs), with 1hr 30mins of stops.
Grading: M/M; M(9)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Nursery Swamp Aboriginal Rock Art and nearby

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1 Nursery Swamp Aboriginal Rock Art
2 View to Mt Herlt, Mt Namadgi and Mt Mavis from lunch knoll
3 Nursery Swamp