5 April 2008 1700m feature NNW of Mt Gudgenby Photos
Map: Yaouk 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Jeff B as a CBC walk:

(Saturday 5 April: North Gudgenby – L/R(X) Just 2 km NNW of Mt Gudgenby is another impressive but unnamed and rarely visited granite summit also over 1700 m high and offering extensive views. Access is via Bogong Creek starting from Yankee Hat car park. Lots of scrub and scrambling. This is a hard walk and I will start very early so the pace can be moderate, but it isn’t suitable for people trying out bushwalking. Map: Yaouk 1:25,000. Leader: Jeff B. Transport: ~$15. Limit: 8.).

7 of us drove in two cars to the Yankee Hat car park.

Further Information

Last day before daylight savings finishes.


We used the Old Boboyan Road and other fire trails to get us to the take off point at the fence above the green area. Here a pack of wild dogs howling nearby drew our attention - would have been quite chilling if one was on one's own. I had waypoints for the 1st edn map bridge and W-G site G9, but didn't want to hold the others up. But it did explain a few things from previous times in the area - the bridge site is not where the current ford/culvert of Bogong Creek is.

We then followed Bogong Creek up along its S and W back. Lovely walking, first time I've been up this creek without a paddle. A lot moister and grassier than Middle Creek. We found morning tea at the takeoff point the Jeff had determined and by this time the creek started to contain some excellent granite boulders.

Leaving the creek at GR73914073 (GDA94) on the Yaouk 1:25000 2nd edn map, we climbed 400m to the saddle N of Mt Gudgenby. Open forest with shrub-type and height regrowth, except a big scrubby at the saddle.

We then headed NW up the last 100m climb, the going continuing to be scrubby (as it is with tops in this area) until we hit some open granite. The views started to open up. We came to the first of the border markers I knew we would see. All the border markers are on the ACT Heritage Register and the western border markers are described here. Each is named and we first came to Q82 (see pic 1). A patch of snow nestled in the shade of a rock face.

A little scramble took us past border marker R82 and we were at the top. This feature allows fabulous views from its sub-alpine top. Starting from a fraction W of N, the ridge continues through SH1676 and SH1733 (this one only marked on 1st edn map), which overlooks Bogong Gap. At the back squat Mt Kelly and the beginning of the Kelly Spur, and Mt Namadgi (see pic 2). Mt Burbidge is in front of Namadgi and behind Burbidge is Mt Mavis and the Mavis ridge. Around to the W the parallel Mavis and Yankee Hat ridges hide Rendezvous Creek. The Gudgenby grasslands stand out clearly. THe Yankee Hats dominate the E to S view, with Bogong Creek flowing down along the S flank of Yankee Hat South. In the distance is the Gudgenby regeneration area and Hospital Hill behind (see pic 3). Directly S is Mt Gudgenby, with the saddle and ridge of our route to here in between. To the SW is Sentry Box Mountain and Rock, then Yaouk Peak behind. To the W is the Mt Scabby top - a visit there soon. Sams Creek lies unseen below. On the horizon are Mts Morgan, Murray and Bimberi Peak. Astounding!

A relaxed lunch drinking in the views.

Away back down the ridge for a while, then dropping to the E on a slightly different route, but ending up at our morning tea spot for arvo tea. The water gathering lads saw a black snake.

And so we retraced our route, at times a fraction higher out of Bogong Creek allowing slightly easier passage. The fire trail slog seemed a little longer at the end of the day.

A visit to the foresters hut (is this W-G site GR4?), then to the cars and home. On the way back we stopped and had a look at the Glendale Geological Site (SoS site G11) on the Boboyan Road. It is a non-conformity between Adaminaby Beds and Shannons Flat Adamellite. I also stopped to photograph the Glendale picnic area amenities block and water tower (W-G site YA11).

An excellent walk in every way, including views and weather. Thanks, Jeff, for leading it. And great company from Chris, Chris and Cynthia, Lois, Max and Rod.

Distance: 18.2km  Climb: 750m.  Time: 7.40am - 5.30pm (call it 10hrs), with 1hr 45mins of stops.
Grading: L/R(X); H(13)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: 1700m feature NNW of Mt Gudgenby

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1 Border marker, Mt Gudgenby and Sentry Box taken from near 1700m feature
2 SH1676 and SH1733 to Mt Kelly and Mt Namadgi
3 Yankee Hat South and Bogong Creek down to Gudgenby regeneration area