21 April 2008 Wheelchair Bushwalking - Cotter Reserve, (Hanging Rock) and The Sanctuary Photos
Maps: On the toilet wall at Cotter Bend and TNR The Sanctuary brochure
Getting There
Monday 21 April - Cotter Reserve, (Hanging Rock) and The Sanctuary - S/E,X. Some places that are wheelchair accessible.

We'd finished our Monday morning work and it was a beautiful autumn day. So lunch was quickly packed, wheelchair loaded and my wife and I headed bush. Well, to the Cotter Bend picnic area, then Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.


Walk 1 - Cotter Reserve

I'd seen the toilet wall map and wheelchair friendly path at the Cotter Bend area on Saturday, so was pleased to have the opportunity to revisit and explore so soon after. We crossed the Cotter River via the footpath bridge (see pic 1) and enjoyed lunch in the wind-sheltered sun at the picnic tables. We then followed the path for 2km on its figure-of-eight, crossing the Cotter River several times. Excellent signage. A lovely place to come.

We then drove to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.

(Walk 2 - Hanging Rock

We had a look at the recently restored and opened Rock Valley pise cottage. Then went to the Hanging Rock track. I knew we wouldn't get far; even the first two little water-directing timbers in the path were a bit of a challenge. But we went along each leg of the boardwalk until we hit the steps and enjoyed the cool by the Ashbrook Creek. So maybe forget about this for a wheelchair.)

Walk 3 - The Sanctuary

We drove further round the ring road to the new Sanctuary car park. Immediately impressive and this is a must visit for everyone - young and old, able and other-abled. Marvelous signage - see pic 2 for the entrance. A great visitors centre area with excellent facilities. We then did a quick lap of the ponds, 1.8km. Astounding designs and architecture and ponds - you've got to see it. Passed a nesting black swan and its mate (I reckon the nest ought to be moved - I can just see a kid busting the eggs or being attacked by a protective parent bird) and the newly announced resident brolga (see pic 3). Absolutely wonderful! Thank goodness that the vet wasn't operating behind the look-in window - I hate blood. My wife was getting cold, I'd worked off the carrot cake and The Sanctuary was closing at 5pm. We'll be back. See it whilst it's pristine!

Distance: 4.0km  Climb: 50m.  Time:
Grading: S/E,X; VE(3)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Wheelchair Bushwalking - Cotter Reserve, (Hanging Rock) and The Sanctuary

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1 Cotter River and footbridge
2 Entrance to The Sanctuary
3 Resident brolga