27 September 2008 Nil Desperandum; Richard Moore's stone house site Photos
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Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as a private walk:

Saturday 27 September - Nil Desperandum; Greenhills stone house site - S/E. I want to go back to see the refurbished Nil Desperandum homestead. From the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve picnic area, across the Tidbinbilla River then on fire trails to the property. AM has told me where to find some other features. Then maybe a little way up Hurdle Creek. Return. Around 8.5km and 200m total climb. Then, driving back, call in at the Greenhills Conference Centre near the Cotter to photograph the ruins of Richard Moore’s stone cottage - I have rung the Manager and gained permission. We should be back by midday. Further details at http://jevans.pcug.org.au.

2 of us enjoyed this third of a day limber up - me for some gardening and Karen for 29 days walking the Black-Allen line.

Further Information

Just a little third of a day stroll to limber up for gardening in the arvo. Have organised 7.30am access through the TNR gates. It will be interesting to see the changes since 5 Dec 06.

Walk (public access)

Walk 1:

Arrived at the same time as the TNR early morning staff, so were through the gate, parked at the picnic area and away by 7.35am. Down across the Tidbinbilla River, with plenty of water running. Down to the NE side of the nicely recovering Block 60 Pine Forest. 2 emus strolled along nearby. Up through SH865, with nice views to granite tors. Over the crest and down and the new roof of Nil Desperandum gleamed in the sun.

The homestead was pristine (see pic 1), dressed in Spring green, in comparison with its burnt out state on a hot Summer day 2 years ago (see pic 4). We visited inside, scouted around the old farm machinery, wandered around the yard (sampling the fresh mint growing). Guided by the falling water sound, we found the weir on Hurdle Creek (see pic 2) which formed the water supply for the homestead.

We next strolled NW up the Hurdle Creek fire trail, thought about clambering further up Hurdle Creek to the large white rocks (but didn't), and returned more through the middle of the Block 60 Pine Forest. Had a little coffee and cake back at the car. Called in at the TNR Visitors Centre to glean a little information.

We drove from TNR via Cotter to the Uniting Church's Green hills Conference Centre.

Walk 2:

I didn't have the GR for Richard Moore's stone house site with me, but no matter, as it was visible in all its glory right next to the Manager's office (see pic 3). If you want to see it, make sure you ring first and ask for permission. Richard Moore's stone house site is Site of Significance in the ACT SU23. Signage on a cairn in front of the site reads:

This cairn commemorates the original settlement of Greenhills by Richard Moore in 1874. The property was resumed by the Commonwealth in 1908 and vacated by the Moore family in 1917. This cairn was erected by Don Moore in 1998.

We drove home.

Some other sites were visited - additional material available via password.

Distance: 8.5km  Climb: 200m.  Time: (for Walk 1) 7.35 - 10.00am (call it 2.5hrs) with no stops except looking at things.
Grading: S/E; E(6)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Nil Desperandum; Richard Moore's stone house site

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1 Nil Desperandum
2 Weir on Hurdle Creek
3 Richard Moore's stone house site
4 Nil Desperandum (on 5 Dec 06)