16 Dec 2008 Mt Tennent and Bushfold Flats Photos, Facebook
Map: Williamsdale 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as a private Tuesday walk:

Tuesday 16 December – Mt Tennent and Bushfold Flats – L/E-M. A summer stroll. AAWT towards Mt Tennent, searching for Tong’s sheepyard site in the saddle near the Mt Tennent fire trail. Up for fire tower views. Bash S and W to the southern end of Bushfold Flats. Wander to the northern end, then find the AAWT for the return. A side trip to Tennent Homestead. Around 18km and 1000m total climb. Map: Williamsdale 1:25000. Limit of 8. Leader: John Evans – jevans@pcug.org.au, (h) 6288 7235. Transport: ~$5. Further details at http://jevans.pcug.org.au.

Just myself enjoyed the wander. Terence U led it last week with Henry H and John T.

Further Information

Route Card:

1-2; Namadgi Visitors Centre to Cypress Pine Lookout; follow the AAWT; 2.10km; climb 120m
2-3; Cypress Pine Lookout to AAWT track junction; follow AAWT; 1.91km; climb 350m
3-5; AAWT track junction to junction old AAWT and Mt Tennent fire trail, searching for Tong's sheepyard site; 1.01kmclimb 100m
5-6; Follow Mt Tennent Fire Trail to Mt Tennent; 1.15km; climb 160m
6-9; S and W from Mt Tennet to S Bushfold Flats; 2.35km; scrub and down 400m; 6-7=0.5km at 180°M + 7-8=0.9km at 274°M + 8-9=0.92km at 212°M
9-11; Walk S to N up Bushfold Flats; 2.49km; old track through open flats
11-12; Up to new AAWT alignment; 0.3km; 100m up
12-13; follow AAWT; 3.48km; 100m up and 400m down
13-14; to Mt Tennent Homestead; 0.54km; down onto open woodland; 1°M
14-1; back to car; 2.0km; follow NNP fence and AAWT.

Sites to Visit:

TH1 Tong's sheep yard
SoS PT22 Mt Tennent area
S Bushfold Flats sites: TH5-1 Bushfold Shearers Quarters/Rebuilt Bushfold Hut; TH5-2 Bushfold Sheep yard; TH6 Bushfold Covered sheep pen; TH7 Sheep yard
N Bushfold Flats sites: TH4 Bushfold Shearing shed; TH3 Bushfold Hut; TH2 Hut remains
Mt Tennent Homestead

Originally scheduled for 9 December but I couldn't make it at the last moment. That walk led by Terence U.


There is really something quite pathetic about a Seniors Card carrying fellow who leaves his reference material behind for a walk specifically planned to check out sites. Wife rates it at 8/10 pathetic. But it didn't really bother me - I'll just go back sometime. Walking alone (reasonable to do on tracks, but not ideal), so was able to leave home early and was walking by just after 6am.

An absolutely delightful time to walk; so much more activity. Rabbits, hares, kangas, wallabies, flocks of small (finch?) birds. First time I've heard a lyrebird actually mimicking other bird calls. A couple of runners just beat me to Cypress Pine Lookout. Nice view in the early morning light (see Facebook). And first time I've seen running water in the bridged gully (see Facebook).

Turned left at the junction on gaining the Tennent ridge. Slipped off the very steep NE side of the ridge near the junction with the Mt Tennent fire trail. Soon realised that no self-respecting mountain goat, let alone sheep, would be down here. Reference material would have helped. Got up to the more open area and, after mucking about, reckon that John T's brick from last week and the area that Mike B will camp at 20-21 Dec is the site of Tong's sheep yard. It's within metres of the ridge track! But will have to go back sometime.

Wandered up to the top of Mt Tennent to see the new termination box of the underground power cable we saw going in on 8 Jul 08. The communications tower and fire tower rose into the blue sky (see pic 1). Great views as usual from part way up the fire tower (see Facebook).

Gaiters on and headed S then W then SW through the scrub to S Bushfold Flats. A bit rocky off the top, but soon a gentle open forest spur down to another rocky knoll at the 1300m contour. Steep W off here, luckily nearly hit the best going between N and S flowing drainage lines, crossed Mt Tennent fire trail and so to the Flats. Crossed the N-S fence on the E side, so followed it to W-G TH6 Bushfold Covered sheep pen site. From there, a gentle downhill across W-G TH5 2-2 Bushfold Sheep yard site to W-G TH5 1-2 Bushfold Shearers Quarters site/Rebuilt Bushfold Hut (see pic 2). The signage in the hut says:

Bushfold Hut. The original hut that stood on this site was built in 1954 by George Reed and his son Russell. They built the section which is now the Southern end of the hut. In the mid 1960s, this parcel of land was acquired by Dr Hugh Pearson. He added the northern end which comprises two vehicle bays. Depending on who you ask, the hut is known as Bushfold, Reed's or Pearson's.
Bushfold Flat was added to Namadgi National Park in 1991 along with Mt Tennent. It is a natural grassland that has been extended by past grazing and clearing. Bushfold hut has [sic] was badly damaged by the 2003 bushfires (see below) and was subsequently demolished by parks staff and NPA volunteers. The hut you are now standing in was built on the original site by the Kosciusko Huts Association in 2004. Many original materials were used during rebuilding.
Originally the hut had a frame of locally milled bush timber clad in corrugated iron with a skillion roof. The northern part of the building was an open shed that could house machinery or vehicles. The southern end was a fully enclosed shelter for accommodation. A fireplace was located at the southern end with the mainfirebox made from part of an old ship's tank and a chimney made of 20l drums welded together. The floor was a mixture of bare earth and a concrete slab which is still intact and defines the building footprint. Structural stability was achieved using vertical framing posts set into the ground. South of the hut are the ruins of old sheep yards and to the northeast is the remnants of an old sheep pen or hayshed.

Wandered to the S and W of the hut to try to identify the W-G TH7 Sheep yard. No luck without reference material. Checking it on return, the original hut/shearers quarters are visible from the yards, so will have to go back!

Next N along the track (with AAWT using the middle part) (see Facebook) to the N Bushfold Flats sites. Identified again the W-G TH4 Bushfold Shearing shed site opposite where the track to Blythburn Cottage takes off. A couple of hundred metres further N is the AAWT junction and, from this point, the neat stack of corrugated iron at the W-G TH3 Bushfold Hut site is visible to the NW. Wandered over.

With plenty of time remaining I decided to do a Karen/Eric on the final N Bushfold Flats site. I remembered that the last visit on 9 Sep 08 did not produce a convincing location for this site and that the reference material said that the site was around 20m W of a gate on the Bushfold Flats track. So I returned to the track and followed it N until I was well out of range of the W-G GR - some of these are a bit out and this one pointed down into a gully. I had passed a significant post lying in the grass on the W side of the track, so returned to that and followed the fence line up through the 9 Sep 08 possible location, past the small dam and a bit further up. About turned, picked up the line of the fence and followed it back down. And there, as the reference material says, 24.5m W of the road, were several bits of corrugated iron lying on the ground and a few granite blocks. Bingo - here is W-G TH2 Hut remains site! Now I know pic 3 does not look very exciting to the reader, but it cost a bit of time and I'm sure that this is the location. Lunch for 15 mins.

Wandered a couple of hundred metres further N, then E up to pick up the new AAWT alignment. Easy walking (although legs cramping - "you're only as good as your last walk", so the next one won't be much good), SMS came in from my boss. Made the junction and headed down the AAWT towards Cypress Pine Lookout. Rang my wife.

Down below CPL I headed towards Mt Tennent Homestead. Hit the boundary fence of NNP and saw a new house within 100m of the site, built since my last visit on 31 Jul 07. I wandered along the fence line but, wanting to do the right thing (would you like someone wandering through your back yard?) didn't cross and visit. Back to NVC.

Some joy here - got the contact for the leaseholder to visit Mt Tennent Homestead and chatted with a Ranger who has similar interests in sites.

A pleasant wander, but I'll need to be fit for 9-10 Jan 09!

Distance: 19.9km  Climb: 1000m.  Time: 6.05am - 1.30pm (call it 7.5hrs) with 20mins of breaks.
Grading: L/E-M; H(12)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Mt Tennent and Bushfold Flats

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1 Hardware at Mt Tennent
2 Rebuilt Bushfold Hut (Shearers quarters W-G TH5 1-2) and Sheep yard (W-G TH5 2-2) site
3 N Bushfold Hut remains (W-G TH2) site