4 April 2009 Mt Orroral Photos
Maps: Rendezvous Creek and Corin Dam 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Rob H as a CBC walk:

Saturday 4 April: Mt Orroral – M/R A long climb, some scrub, spectacular summit. Maps: Rendezvous Creek, Corin Dam 1:25,000. Leader: Rob H. Transport: ~$40 per car, ~$10–$13 per person.

11 of us met and drove via the Boboyan and Orroral Roads to the Orroral Tracking Station car park.


Overcast after some overnight showers, the first we'd had in Canberra for a month. Lots of activity, with groups walking along the Boboyan Road (Outward Bound or Uni Inward Bound?) and, looking back from the beginning of the Granite Tops Walking Track, a group of at least 25 walking the Orroral Valley. A pleasant stroll to the Geodetic Observatory and the viewing platform on NmC106 (SH1327). Views to the valley, but Mt Orroral still clouded in.

203°M was the word as we set off. I'd selfishly arranged to take the tail (other party members wipe the moisture off the scrub!), so couldn't really see haw many times Rob checked his compass. I'd guess a couple. I must have checked mine 10 times and on each occasion we were spot on. How does he do it? I was last through here on 5 Aug 08 and the regrowth was no thinner - when will it ever start to die back?

Came across a nice rock shelter within a couple of hundred metres of the top (see pic 1). No offence to anyone - it was granite and a good dry cave/shelter; I have no idea whether it is a recognised indigenous site. Hit the top at 11.20am, a few tens of metres to the E of the marked top but on an excellent flat shelf with views all through the S. Knowing that Rob never gets it wrong, there were a few grumblings on the way up. But right on queue, after a cloudy and cool climb, the sun broke through when we reached the top for views. We stopped for morning tea and took in the view. I was interested to take in the view SW to the Mavis ridge between Mt Mavis and Mt Herlt (see pic 2), my next walk. If the regrowth is like today's, my little wander in this area on 14 Apr 09 will be at my limit.

Most of us then went NW to the concrete pipe top of Mt Orroral, some taking the direct top scramble (I came back that way) and others the bush-bashing lower route (that the way I went in, as it was very familiar). Again, two access paths to the top - either crawl under the rock then shimmy up the slope (I went up that way) or, after sliding down the sloping rock face, squeeze through the crack and out (I came back that way). With my new-found interest in border and survey markers, I took an absolutely enthralling shot (don't get me wrong, that's tongue in cheek) of the survey maker beside the concrete pipe topping Mt Orroral (see pic 3). To my great joy I noticed two little concrete squares with nails below, one to the SE and one to the NE of the top, no doubt to do with the surveying of the top.

After we'd drunk our fill of views we returned to our packs, wandered back down to the Observatory under lovely clear and sunny skies and so back to the cars.

A great little walk, thanks Rob. And thanks to companions, new and old - Alan, Brigitte, Cody, Eric, Karen, Peter, Ralph, Sarah and Sean.

Distance: 10.1km  Climb: 700m.  Time: 9.05am - 1.55pm (4hrs50mins) with 30mins of stops and views.
Grading: M/R; M(10)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Mt Orroral

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1 Rock shelter below Mt Orroral
2 Mavis Ridge and Mt Burbidge beyond from Mt Orroral
3 Survey marker beside Mt Orroral concrete pole