21 April 2009 Snowy Flat Creek from Corin Dam Photos
Map: Corin Dam 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised by Max S as an ad-hoc FBI Tuesday walk:

Tuesday 21 April - Snowy Flat Creek from Corin Dam - H. The walk this week will be from old reliable Corin Dam, along the water edge for about 3 km, then up Snowy Flat Creek for another 3 km to Stockyard Spur or slightly longer to Mt Franklin Rd. Return Stockyard Spur Climb about 700 m and about 15 km Conditions up the Ck unknown but expect undergrowth, thick bush and damp. Map – Corin Dam. Weather – Canberra – Cloudy 9-20 C.

6 of us drove in two cars to Corin Dam.


Although we initially headed up the footpad towards Stockyard Spur, it was different this time (been up there 5 times in the last month) in that we went straight ahead at the 'Walking Track' sign, then down to the bare sides of the dam. At 40% full (see here for ActewAGL water facts), there was plenty of shore below the high water mark. Somewhat difficult walking along the loose dirt and rock slopes, with some exposure down into the dam in places where we struck mini cliff-ettes. I just kept my head down and tried to keep up. It was 2.6km and a fraction over 1hr to get us to the bare and slightly uninviting 'mouth' of Snowy Flat Creek where it flows into Corin Dam (see pic 1). And flowing it was.

After negotiating the debris at the entry point, we entered what would have to be one of the most beautiful creeks in the ACT - at least the most beautiful that I've seen. I know I overcook the superlatives (and all the wonderful bush deserves them), but this creek was magic. A temperate rain forest environment down in the creek line, in places reminding me of Tasmania. A good flow continually cascading down (which meant that we were constantly climbing) with tree ferns, rotting fallen logs and lovely mosses (see pic 2). It was delightful. We plugged away for 1hr, covering 850m and climbing 120m. Morning tea was taken just prior to an area of closer contour lines.

Unfortunately no major waterfalls, but some climbs up the creek requiring a bit of attention. At one stage I saw our trusty leader firmly plant his boot behind (for safety reasons, not to boot him) a party member who nearly completed a 360° swing on a branch when negotiating a mossy, slippery area. But our trusty leader was not squashed alive and the swinger only suffered a bruised shin. I executed a couple of ungraceful crashes, but we all managed to stay dry. An interesting stage of 660m climbing 240m and taking 1hr5mins. A few Blue Flax Lilies (Dianella) in berry.

Although still first class, with occasional stands of tall, mature ti-tree, the creek lost its rain forest character as we climbed higher. We left the creek line and continued to climb parallel to it through the dry sclerophyll forest a few tens of metres up from the water.

After keeping left as the general rule all morning, at around 12.20pm we reached a drainage line junction were we veered right. The contours lessened and just before 1pm we arrived at a wonderful area of rock slabs on the creek, just shy of the rim of Snowy Flats. A perfect spot for lunch (see pic 3).

All that remained was to breast the rim and walk a hundred metres or so out onto Snowy Flats. A beautiful area. We walked the N side of the NE portion of the flats, past a brand new, yet to be set up pig trap, turned a little N in following the open lead and, within 50mins, had joined the Stockyard Spur vehicle track.

It was all over bar the shouting here, 6.1km in 1hr 30mins (including a brief view to the E from 'Stockyard Spur Grandstand') back down to the cars. An early finish for a couple of party members with evening commitments.

Max, a magnificent creek and walk. It must become an annual event! Thanks - and also to Dick, Eric, Henry and Philip.

Distance: 13.3km  Climb: 850m.  Time: 8.15am - 3.15pm (7hrs), with 45mins of stops.
Grading: L/R,W; H(13)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Snowy Flat Creek from Corin Dam

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1 Snowy Flat Creek enters Corin Dam
2 Snowy Flat Creek
3 Rock slabs on Snowy Flat Creek just below Snowy Flats