16 June 2009 Hospital Creek and Boboyan Trig Photos
Map: Yaouk 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Max S as an ad-hoc FBI Tuesday walk:

Hospital Ck Folks Since there is a chance of a shower Tuesday we will keep clear of undergrowth as much as possible. From Boboyan carpark, along road to convenient crossover to Hospital Ck. Along Hospital Ck to hut and then try to find previously spied rock boulders up a tributary. If weather permits, climb Mt Boboyan, return via Sth side then West to Hospital Ck, back along Ck to Hut again and then back to Rd for return to cars. If weather unappealing the walk will be much shorter. – Coffee at Tharwa instead Meet at Kambah shops at 7.30 am Map – Yaouk Distance – about 15 km. Climb – about 500 m Car - $15 Normal FBI Rule – 4 walkers needed to make this an FBI sanctioned walk Cheers Max.

4 of us met and drove to the Yankee Hat car park.

Walk Tracka Trackb

Max was on a granite hunting stint today and the walk included some wonderful examples.

We headed off down the Old Boboyan Road, past the turn off to Frank and Jacks Hut and up the hill for nearly another kilometre. 2.9km from the start we turned half left and wandered down to the flats on Hospital Creek. Pretty dry. S up the creek to Hospital Creek Hut.

From here we headed E-ish up a feeder arm of the creek to some granite that Max had seen when previously in the area, but not fully explored. Around UTM 55H 678537-6037485 (MGA94). Some excellent granite stacks, including a slit which we were able to squeeze through (because it was prior to morning tea) (see pic 1).

From here we continued up and E-ish. A couple of open granite slabs, with great views to the eastern hills of the Bimberi Wilderness from around the 1250m contour (see pic 2). The climb continued, crossing the arm of Hospital Creek to the N side as another granite pile beckoned. Another 100m up a late morning tea was called at 11am after we chased the view from the top of one granite top to another. A lyrebird nest a metre or so off the ground.

Trending SE we reached the saddle between Hospital Hill and Mt Boboyan. The weather threatened a shower, but decided on just a chilling breeze. A more open climb to Boboyan Trig, except for a belt of scrub near the top. We went straight to the viewing slabs below the trig, passing the signage:

Adaminaby Beds metamorphosed sediments 475 million years
Shannons Flat Adamellite course granite 410 million years

We felt young and sprightly. The view, although clouded down, was still wonderful.

Back up the well placed steps (dated NPA 1987 - NPA ACT built the Yerabi Track), a quick look at Boboyan Trig, then W off the top. Nice out of the breeze. Huge granite at around the 1390m contour which we slid down. The descent finally eased and we finally crossed Breakfast Creek.

But Max had spied some more granite earlier in the day from Hospital Creek Hut, so we re-crossed Breakfast Creek and headed for it. Cameo! First of all, another narrow slit to squeeze through, not in the league of Split Rock, but an excellent runner up. Must come back here. Through the other side we discovered a wonderful ledge with a view. No doubt known to many others, it was new to us and presented a great view down to the hut (see pic 3) and a great spot for lunch.

A quick descent to the hut (the beauty of 'Snoopy Dog rock' is that it's so close to Hospital Creek Hut), back down the creek and out onto the Old Boboyan Road and so back to the car. Plenty of snow still on the S sides of Mt Burbidge and Mt Namadgi.

An excellent walk, thanks Max and Eric and Karen. Some great granite, two slits to squeeze through including a fabulous slit and cameo view down to Hospital Creek Hut. A must to return.

Distance: 14.7km  Climb: 550m.  Time: 8.20am - 2.35pm (6hrs 15mins), with 50mins of stops.
Grading: M/M-R; M(10)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Hospital Creek and Boboyan Trig

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1 The first granite slit above Hospital Creek Hut
2 Mt Gudgenby, 'The Fortress' and Yankee Hat from a spur to Boboyan Trig
3 Hospital Creek Hut from Snoopy Dog rock

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Click here to see... 1 Hospital Creek Hut (Karen Cody) Click here to see... 2 Approaching the first granite stack above Hospital Creek (Karen Cody) Click here to see... 3 First granite stack above Hospital Creek Hut Click here to see... 4 Slit in first granite stack above Hospital Creek Hut Click here to see... 5 Views from open granite at 1200m contour Click here to see... 6 Bimberi Wilderness peaks from a spur to Boboyan Trig Click here to see... 7 Lyrebird nest near morning tea Click here to see... 8 View W from below Boboyan Trig Click here to see... 9 Boboyan Trig Click here to see... 10 Granite slide at 1390m contour below Boboyan Trig Click here to see... 11 Fungi (Karen Cody) Click here to see... 12 Second granite slit behind 'Snoopy Dog' rock Click here to see... 13 Second granite slit behind 'Snoopy Dog' rock (Karen Cody) Click here to see... 14 View from Snoopy Dog rock above Hospital Creek Hut Click here to see... 15 Smiley face on the flank of Hospital Hill (Karen Cody)