8 September 2009 Rendezvous Creek and Mt Tennent-Bushfold Flats Photos
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Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as a private Tuesday walk:

Tuesday 8 September - Rendezvous Creek and Mt Tennent-Bushfold Flats - L/E. A wander to Rowleys Rendezvous Creek Hut site and stockyard and other places. Then a visit to Mt Tennent and down to Bushfold Flats to sort some historic sites.

2 of us met at 6.30am and drove first to the new Rendezvous Creek car park. We later drove back up to the Namadgi Visitors Centre.

Further Information

The advertised CBC Tuesday walk to Left Hand Creek and Mt Clear didn't happen. I thought the dirt part of the Boboyan Road might be a bit slippery and the weather forecast was not the best. Only Eric and myself, so it could not be a CBC walk (minimum of 4 in party for safety). However, now Max, Kaz and others will have the opportunity to enjoy (endure) the Naas Valley and Mt Clear fire trails.


Walk 1 - Rendezvous Creek track

Drove to the usual Rendezvous Creek track parking area, only to be confronted with a blocked off roadway and directions to the new car park. About turn and back up the road a little. Bells started ringing, as Clark B, a UC landscape architecture student, had contacted me in May for comments on the new car park. Stepped out of the car and across a little timber bridge work to temporary signage directing us along the Rendezvous Creek walk. A very pleasant new benched track winding though the timbered country above Rendezvous Creek, crossing the creek via a sturdy metal bridge (see pic 1) and so up to a rise with some very fine furniture atop (see pic 2). Around 750m of track. From here there was a sign pointing to the Rendezvous Creek management track, but we elected to continue across the open grasslands. A high grazing rate of kangaroos.

Eventually joined the management track and made our way to the SoS G9 and W-G G7 Rowleys Rendezvous Creek Hut site. From here, down towards the creek to the W-G G8 stockyard. Then W-ish to rejoin the track and wander further up the valley and then up into the trees to a significant site (SoS G8 and W-G G12).

Returned generally along the track, stopping at the lovely new bush furniture (which was now frost free and very inviting) to enjoy morning tea. Back to the car park and a visit to a nearby significant site.

Distance: 11.8km  Climb: 100m.  Time: 7.15 - 10.20am (3hrs 5mins), with 10mins of stops.

Drove to the Namadgi Visitors Centre.

Walk 2 - Mt Tennent-Bushfold Flats track

A light drizzle greeted us, but no sooner did we don our coats than it stopped. Oh to be really starting the 650km along the AAWT, instead of a quick wander over to Bushfold Flats and return.

Called in at Cypress Pine Lookout, with its log bench and stone table. A pleasant enough view lifting the eyes across the green valley to Mt Rob Roy and areas we enjoyed on 4 Aug 09. Water flowing at the next bridge, the Bunnings-style furniture a little out of character after the great bush furniture we'd already enjoyed. Cheery flowers about (see pic 3). On up to the T-junction, where I decided to do Mt Tennent first before the view was lost. Eric had not been to any of these locations, all worth the stroll.

However, site hunting is always in the back of my mind and it was great to have Eric's eye to establish the location of W-G TH1 Tongs sheep yard site (see pic 4 - he even identified a tree in the 40 year old picture) and found wire and netting on the ground. How could I have previously missed these?

Slogged up to Mt Tennent and climbed the fire tower to enjoy the view. Always impressive, particularly SW to Deadmans Hill and Booroomba Rocks. Down out of the breeze we enjoyed lunch. An eagle soared overhead.

Next, back down the Mt Tennent fire trail, met a lone walker going up, our only bush-bashing for the day as we cut the corner onto the track going N up Bushfold Flats and so to W-G TH5 1-2 the rebuilt Bushfold Hut or Shearers Quarters.

From here, we searched for W-G TH7 Sheep yard site. The documentation in the hut reports it as south of the hut and my source has it as "Shearers' quarters of site TH5 1-2 are 65m at 332°. Bushfold track is 20m due east on the timberline. Site stands in well grown timber." I'm sure we found it, now just a clearing in the timber (see pic 5), the second photo lining up with the 40 year old one.

With time ticking by and legs getting weary, we headed N up Bushfold Flats, picking up the realigned AAWT, passed W-G TH4 Bushfold Shearing shed site and so back up to the T-junction. Out came Eric's chocolate and, refreshed, we walked back to the car. The hardenbergia on the Mt Tennent track is superb, it will be spectacular in a week.

Distance: 17.6km  Climb: 950m.  Time: 10.45am - 4.45pm (6hrs), with 30mins of stops.

Thanks Eric - I pulled up a bit weary, how were you?

Distance: 29.4km  Climb: 1050m.  Time: 7.15am - 4.45pm, with 25mins of driving and 40mins of stops.
Grading: L/E: H(13)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Rendezvous Creek and Mt Tennent-Bushfold Flats

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1 New bridge over Rendezvous Creek
2 A grand resting place near Rendezvous Creek
3 Flowers on Mt Tennent
4 W-G TH1 Tongs sheep yard site
5 W-G TH7 Sheep yard site S of rebuilt Bushfold Hut