10 October 2009 Border Markers between Gundaroo Road and Old Joe Hill Photos
Map: Hall 1:25000
Getting There

This walk was organised, led and enjoyed by me as a private half day walk.


A pleasant morning, in between all the spring rain. However, although the border was well defined by the fence line, many of the border markers could not be identified. 3 original pegs were seen:

Border markers identified - A4 (ground-level stones), C4 (ground-level stones), D4 (peg and ground-level stones), 11 Mile (cairn), F4 (ground-level stones), G4 (ground-level stones), H4 (ground-level stones), I4 (ground-level stones), J4 (ground-level stones), S4 - Old Joe Hill, U3 (original peg - deteriorated), I3 (original peg with surveyors' arrow).

Border markers possibly identified - E4, N4, N3 (burnt post resting nearby), M3 (burnt post resting nearby), J3 (burnt post resting nearby), E3 (burnt post resting nearby).

Border marker locations visited, but no marker recognised - Z3, B4, K4, L4 - Gooroo Hill, M4, O4, P4, Q4, R4, Y3, X3, W3, V3, T3, S3, R3, Q3, P3, O3, L3, K3, H3, G3, F3, D3, C3, B3, A3, Z2, Y2.

Not seen - 10 Mile, 12 Mile, 8 Mile.

Followed the Old Coach Road and out through the Bustard Gate to the flowering fruit trees (quince?) identifying the site of 'Dungarvon' (see pic 1). From there, a loop to the Se following the border fence to Gooroo Hill, then S and SW up to Old Joe Hill. Great views over Gungahlin (see pic 2) and sweeping views from Mt Majura in the S to N of Oak Hill in the N.

W down from Old Joe Hill, fences causing a little side tracking as I headed for the S-N track through Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve to the border with Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve. A pretty dam was passed (see pic 3). Morning tea at the junction between the two Nature Reserves.

Away on a loop to the N, NW and W following the border fence. The last part headed NW to hit the Gundaroo Road. The original easements were clear, as pointed out by Peter D. Z2 and Y2 were obvious bends in the border fence across Gundaroo Road.

Back a short way up the rise to the Link Track which parallels the Gundaroo Road and so out the Red Gum Gate and back down the broad gravel road to the car.

A4 C4 D4 E4 11 Mile
F4 G4 H4 I4 J4
N4 S4 - Old Joe Hill U3 N3 M3
I3 J3 E3

Distance: 18km  Climb: 250m.  Time: 6.30am - 12noon (5hrs 30mins), with 10mins of stops.
Grading: L/E,X; M(8)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Border Markers between Gundaroo Road and Old Joe Hill

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1 Site of 'Dungarvon'
2 View from Old Joe Hill
3 Pretty dam in Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve