5 March 2011 Mt Boboyan

Map: Yaouk 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Jenny and Rob H a CBC walk:

Saturday 5 March - Boboyan Trig - M/R. Naas car park – Sheep Station Creek – Old Boboyan Road – Boboyan Trig and return. Map: Yaouk 1:25,000 Leaders: Jenny & Rob H. Transport: ~130 km, $48 per car.

12 of us met at Kambah at 7.45am and drove down the Boboyan Road, turning right onto the Old Boboyan Road (South) and parking at the Boboyan/Naas track head. With all the faffing around to move a large group, we were walking in just over 1 hour - not too bad.


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An excellent day. The cloud cover cleared by the time we got to the top, a great walk, good company and some ground-truthing of sites (one of which has been bugging me for years).

We set off along the Old Boboyan Road (South), a light extra layer required as Autumn has arrived. Stopped by David Brayshaw's cairn, then on to and a poke around the Boboyan Homestead site. A truck came from the NW along the road - it was the dogger with his dingo and another dog. I'd last met him on 3 Jan 05. We enjoyed a chat, then went our ways - giving the snarling dingo in the back of the truck a wide birth.

A little further NW along the road, I got the leader's nod and trotted up the open slope to look for Alex Brayshaw's 1883 hut site. This one is KHA 315. It's alluded me for a couple of years. I first heard of it as W-G B05 and searched for it a couple of times, then a better location in Steve Brayshaw's paper. Had a look again - don't know how I missed it, as his location (of course) was right where I found it today. Anyway, found it today  - once close guided in by the rangers' ubiquitous star picket. A nice collection of granite blocks and a few timbers on the ground. Trotted down to rejoin the party.

At the junction of Sams Creek fire trail and the Old Boboyan Road we did a right-ish turn and crossed the Naas Creek. 50m along the road I again got the nod to trot in left, looking for KHA 885 Unnamed hut. The description from the KHA database is:

Now gone, this hut could possibly have been the home of the Woodfield family who lived in this area. The hut possibly was built after 1882 as it was not shown on the survey of that year.

It was certainly gone. This is W-G B12.

Back on the road and just over the other side was KHA 171, some yards marked on the 1st edition Yaouk 1:25000 topo map. These would be W-G B14.

We wandered a further 2.2km N-ish along the road until we found both morning tea and the point to head into the bush. Two of the girls were most impressed by the culinary creation I shared  - my savoury zucchini slice. Kaz gave me a fine, costly and aptly named packet of 'Mt Bogong walkabout mix'. Here two of our party took a leisurely return to the cars.

Next, a nice 2.7km leg in 1hr 45mins up the spur to Boboyan trig. Some nice granite tors along the way. Here we broke into various groups, wandering a little further along to the geological fault signage and down to the top of the granite slabs for fabulous views towards the heart of NNP. Lunch was taken at the trig.

Packing up, two of the party walked out the Yerrabi track and the remaining 8 of us reversed out.

Thanks Jenny for a great walk. And to Peter A, Cynthia B, Karen C, Christine D, Ann G-J, Rob H, Russell H, Peter McC, Chris R and Doug W.

Distance: 22.6km Climb: 450m. Time: 8.55am - 4.35pm (7hrs 40mins), with 40mins of stops.
Grading: L/M-R; H(12)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Mt Boboyan

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