4 June 2011 Tuggeranong Siding and border markers

Map: Tuggeranong 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as a private walk:

Saturday 4 June - Tuggeranong Siding and border markers - S/E,X. Wander along the rail line east of Tuggeranong looking for border markers.


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Graham O'L had a walk in this area in April and gave me the heads up. So here was a chance to have a look around.

Through the substantial underpass under the Cooma Road from the top of Corbett Pl in Gilmore and up towards the railway line. Decided to head S. No border markers in the high use area first covered, except for P18. The border is to the W of the rail line, often downhill on the fenceline to the W and, at times, beyond the fence up to 80m from the line.

No N18, O18. Found P18. No Q18, R18, 57 Mile, S18, T18, U18, V18, W18, X18, Y18 or Z18. No A19.

At last the original posts, described b y Graham, began to appear. Found B19 covered in netting. No C19, D19 or E19. Found F19 - a burnt, felled pine tree lying across it. G19, a fair way from the line, had the Commonweath broad arrow visible. No H19. I19 was an 8" post driven nearly flush to the ground, about 80m W of the line.

No J19, K19, L19, M19 or N19. But the old Tuggeranong Siding was worth a look.

Found O19, P19, Q19 and R19 - all on leasehold land to the W of the W fence of the railway easement.

No S19 nor T19. Found U19. No V19. Found W19. No X19. Found Y19. No Z19.

With no more border marker further S in my GPS, I returned to the car.

Distance: 7.1km Climb: 50m. Time: 8.10 - 11.00am (2hrs 50mins), with no stops.
Grading: S/E,X; E(4)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Tuggeranong Siding and border markers

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