19 July 2011 Brayshaw Territory

Map: Yaouk 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as an irregular CBC Tuesday walk:

Tuesday 19 July - Brayshaw Territory- L/E-M. Visit many of the sites of European settlement in the Naas Creek valley. Around 27km and 250m climb, mostly on fire trails. Map: Yaouk. Leader: John Evans - jevans@pcug.org.au, (h) 6288 7235. Transport: ~$20 per person.

Phillip drove 3 of us in excellent safety through the snow to the Boboyan Road South car park in his big truck.

Further Information

Ground-truthing from KHA. Site hunting, based on KHA data, Steve Brayshaw's list, W-G thesis and SoS.

1 David Brayshaw's cairn

2 Boboyan Homestead complex

3 Stockyards site. Right on corner of road. Get photo

4> Graves - is Sarah's grave same site as where dray accident mother and child are buried? Can any distinction be made at the site? "Sarah their 10th child died (from diphtheria) on the 11th Jun 1865 and is buried over the hill just up from the orchard. She was only 8 years old." "Not known exactly who they are but a mother and child were killed, buried at Bobeyan near where Sarah is buried." (Source: Steve Brayshaw's paper). Steve (email 16/5/11) says "Sarah, unfortunately is not distinguished from the other graves, in fact it is very difficult to determine the 3 graves 2 are noticeable but the 3 is not."

5 Thomas Brayshaw's Hut KHA 319. KHA location 679212 6031583 and comment "In 1888 the block was surveyed, no hut is shown on the survey drawing. The hut is believed to have been derelict by the 1950s. Rabbit warren ripping has removed all sign of the building." "THOMAS BRAYSHAW'S HUT Located at grid reference: 679181 East, 6031803 North. Thomas had a block opposite to the homestead the remains of his hut are there but are hard to find. He died on or about 14 June 1919, first son third child". (Source: Steve Brayshaw's paper)

6 2 bridges SoS G31

7 Alex Brayshaws 1883 hut site

8 Steve Brayshaw's site above the Naas Creek crossing!

9 Unnamed hut KHA 885. KHA location 676912-6033683 and comment "Now gone, this hut could possibly have been the home of the Woodfield family who lived in this area. The hut possibly was built after 1882 as it was not shown on the survey of that year." Same as W-G B12 Hut foundations at GR769336 (ADG66) = 677012-6033784 (MGA94), comment "Site marked by briar roses immediately adjacent west side of old Gudgenby road about 1km north of Naas ford." Have another look about

10 Edward Brayshaw 1 KHA 883. KHA location 676433-6034101 and comment "The remains of this hut consist of remnant chimney stones and a fallen, squared post; suckering fruit trees stand nearby. The hut was not shown in the 1908 survey of the block...". "EDWARD BRAYSHAW 1 Located at grid reference: 676321 East, 6033918 North Surveyed on 8th April 1885. Still evidence of an orchard." (Source: Steve Brayshaw's paper). This is W-G B11.

11 Fork and brush fencing W-G B08. Near W-G B11, see W-G B8 schematic.

12 Weather station KHA 256. KHA location 675612-6033883 and comment "One of 4 weather stations installed by ACTPCS from late 1970s to mid 1980s. Not in use since 1992. Full GR is 675530 6033680."

13 Richard Brayshaw KHA 710. KHA location 674558-6034857. "RICHARD BRAYSHAW Located at grid reference: 674446 East, 6034674 North. Surveyed on 22nd Oct 1883. On the edge of the current management track. Almost damaged by dozer in recovery work after 2003 bushfires" (Source: Steve Brayshaw's paper)

14 Archibald Brayshaw KHA 711. KHA location 674903-6035091. "ARCHIBALD BRAYSHAW Located at grid reference: 674791 East, 6034908 North Surveyed on 2nd April 1885. No evidence grid is approx location He died on the 30 Dec 1898, Eighth son Fourteenth child." (Source: Steve Brayshaw's paper)

15 Orchard Plantings (Crawford HS) KHA 311. KHA location 675672 6033583 and comment "Crawford Homestead (refer 369) orchard plantings including elderberry and cherry (?) from late C19th to 1940s." Get photo

16 Lutons Crutching Shed W-G B9

17 (Been here before, but a while ago and keep missing it when nearby lately) Alex Brayshaw's Hut (1879) KHA 314. KHA location 676412 6033083 and comment "Remaining foundation stones relate to a hut surveyed in 1879 for Alexander Brayshaw. Oral sources state site originally dates to Charles McKeahnie's period at Bobeyan (late 1830s and early 1840s). It may be one of the sites of first European occupation". "ALEXANDER BRAYSHAW'S FIRST SITE Located at grid reference: 676368 East, 6033092 North. This is Alex's first hut site it had a milking bail 80 metres north of the northern corner of the hut. According to Noel and Greg Luton a big set of yards were there. They also stated that their father Morris said that this was the hut that Charles McKeahnie lived in. That would make it the oldest European site in the valley." (Source: Steve Brayshaw's paper). I have visited it at 676366-6033097. W-G B06.

18 Sheep Station Creek fork and brush fencing W-G07

19 (Been here before, but have a good poke about the site) Lonesom Pine Homestead KHA257. KHA location 674812 6032483 and comment "The Lonesom Pine homestead (also referred to as Lone Pine) was built around 1910. Today represented by the base of the fireplace, a dead pine tree and overgrown exotics, together with several interesting stone dog kennels. In the late 1920s or early 30s".

20 Mixed Exotics (Lonesom Pine HS) KHA 312. KHA location 674772 6032483 and comment "The Lonesom Pine homestead (refer 252) plantings of false accacia and elderberry, plus a dead pine tree, dating from 1910s-30s." Get photo

21 Baby Crawford plaque

22 Old Road where dray tipped over killing mother and child - "Located between grid reference: 675960 East, 6031132 North & 675205 East, 6031463 North Road has formed banks out of bush rock very interesting to look at. Not known exactly who they are but a mother and child were killed, buried at Bobeyan near where Sarah is buried." (Source: Steve Brayshaw's paper) SoS G35

23 Stockyard overlooking Bulls Flat Creek W-G B16


You can access all photographs here.


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We ran into the snow on the Boboyan Road and by the time we got to the Hospital Hill lookout it was quite thick. Thanks to Michelle at the Namadgi Visitors Centre whom I'd rung yesterday, we knew that the road would be open for 4WDs and that it would be slushy at the 'big dipper' - can't blame her for not knowing that there would be a big dump of snow on Monday night! Absolutely magic at the Boboyan Road South car park - I don't think I'll ever see it like this again.

Absolutely still as we set off, the snow still in the trees from the overnight dump. Raincoats out as a shower or two came and went, left on to keep us warm.

The full program above was not achieved, for various reasons. Although Roger had not been down here before, I was (selfishly) keen to get to the new sites and maybe visit old ones on the way back - of course we were too tired to do that.

Visited Davey Brayshaw's cairn in the snow, then on to the Boboyan Homestead complex. Again, lovely to see it in the snow. Across to the graves which I hadn't visited for a while, then down to the Naas Creek on the other side of the road to look at the ACT Sites of Significance G31 2 bridge sites. Then the long haul up to the fire trail intersections. A look at Alexander Brayshaw's hut site (the tree has blown over since I was here last) and along the Grassy Creek fire trail past the Sheep Station Creek fork fencing (noticed a second line of it on the return leg) to the Lone Pine Homestead site. A well earned 10 minutes of morning tea, across the track to the Baby Crawford plaque, then we returned.

On to Lutons Crutching Shed, down to the Crawford Homestead site and orchard plantings, in to ground-truth the weather station and on to Richard Brayshaw's hut site, which I knew we'd find thanks to Steve Brayshaw's accurate locations and descriptions. Find it we did and I must have walked past here a few times. But that's the interesting thing about these old hut sites - to the uninformed, they're just piles of granite on the ground.

The next attraction was Edward Brayshaw's hut site, back down the creek and also across the other side of it. Not wanting to have to walk right back to the Old Boboyan Road ford, I led the party down to the Naas Creek looking for a place to cross. Now I forgot that folk of yore were clever and would place a ford at the only sensible crossing point; yet, as we probed for a crossing and got our feet wetter and wetter, we were rewarded by walking close to the wonderful fork fencing remnants on the SW side of the creek. I'd not really noticed the fencing from the Sams Creek fire trail before. If you examine our track map, you'll see our several forays to attempt to cross. Although one of the party had promised to "follow my captain o' my captain where ever he may lead me", he (not being Roger or myself, so guess who?) must have gotten too frustrated when we came across a side creek and went for a nice Winter's swim. He got across; we others headed upstream and found a crossing place within sight of the bridge over this creek on the fire trail.

Spotted a couple of cyclists on the current fire trail as we tracked across the old route to the fire trail junction. Caught up with our other party member wringing out his socks. He was cheerful enough and not yet suffering hypothermia, so we crossed the Naas Creek ford on the Old Boboyan Road and headed back up the Naas Creek on the NE (left - waterways are sided looking downstream by convention, so not necessary to say 'true' side, as some do), but keeping well up in the light scrub. We found Edward Brayshaw's hut site, with fruit trees (exactly as Steve had said), in a very pleasant side gully, well sheltered. The best old hut site I've come across. A quick 10 minute lunch, so that no deaths would ensue.

Back through the bush via W-G B12/KHA 885 unnamed hut site, a quick look at the yards on the E side of the Boboyan Road, then a tromp back to the car. Just 6 hours later, the snow had gone!

Many thanks for the driving in Phillip, I don't think my pretend 4WD would have made it. Thanks to you and Roger for excellent company and expert winter creek wading!

Distance: 25km Climb: 200m. Time: 8.10am - 2.35pm (6hrs 25mins), with 20mins of stops.
Grading: L/E-M,ptX,W; M(10)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Brayshaw Territory

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