2 August 2011 Snowshoe to Brindle Bull Hill

Maps: Perisher Valley and Chimneys Ridge 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by Karen C as an irregular CBC Tuesday walk:

Tuesday 2 August - Snowshoe west of Mt Kosciuszko - L/R. We’ll ascend from Dead Horse gap via the alternate AAWT route to Cootapatamba Hut and then head northwest, to the western side of Mt Kosciuszko. Return will be along a similar route. 5:30 AM start from Kambah. Around 20 kms and 700m of climbing. Maps: Perisher Valley & Chimneys Ridge Leader: Karen C. Transport: $150 per car, Park entry $27 per car, Snowshoes & poles $30-35 per person. We’ll stop along the way to hire snowshoes. Limit: 8.

8 of us met at 5.30am and drove in two Subuaros to the Cascade Trail track head, just below Dead Horse Gap. Those without hired at Jindabyne and we raided the bakery.

Further Information

The cloud, wind and its direction caused our snow bunny leader to draw plan C out of her hat - a shoe up along the spur from the Cascade Trail track head to Brindle Bull Hill. There were possibly thoughts of going further, but I was well off my oats and slowed the party.


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Thanks Max for whisking half the party in chains-equipped, AWD comfort. As it turned out, the road was completely clear right to where we parked - just had to take a step or two to be on the snow. I am a wimp, one day I'll have to face up to this drive. I also appreciated it, as I woke up quite off my oats. A week later, as I write, I've just started to turn the corner from flu and pneumonia.

It was a cracker of a day and, after kitting up, we headed in along the Cascade Trail for a few hundred metres then onto the crest of the spur running up to Brindle Bull Hill. I don't remember that much, thank goodness 'a picture is worth a thousand words', but Karen kindly fed me pain killers every couple of hours.

Huge views from BBH across to the Main Range, but we certainly had the better half of the day on our side.

I think the party would have made Paddy Rushs Bogong, then down to Thredbo where a car had been left, without me. But instead we returned generally the way we came in and, whilst the other car was being picked up, a few of us went up the other side of the road and up the spur carrying the Dead Horse Gap Track/AAWT for a while.

Many thanks Karen - you are the snow queen. And thanks to Mike B, Chris F, Brendan K, Adam L, Stephen M and Max S. Sorry I slowed the party.

Distance: 11.4km Climb: 380m. Time: ‾9.00am - 3.10pm (6hrs 10mins), with 50mins of stops.
Grading: M/M; M(9)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Shoeshoe to Brindle Bull Hill

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