11 October 2011 Navigation refresher #7: Looking at PC software for GPS

Getting There

This event was organised and presented by me as a CBC activity:

Tuesday evening 11 October - Navigation refresher #7: Looking at PC software for GPS. Please check the pre-reading at http://jevans.pcug.org.au/Pages/Walk%20Descriptions/2011_10_11b.html. Contact John Evans to book - jevans@pcug.org.au, (h) 6288 7235 to book. Bring a little supper to share.

Further Information

Previous similar events were conducted on 3 Aug 10 and 4 Aug 09.

Pre-requisite: Preferably completed Rob and Jenny H's 6 session Navigation Course, but not mandatory. Own a copy (and read and understood it) of Finding Your Way in the Bush - How to navigate and plan bushwalks by George Carter, CBC, 2007. This book is available for purchase from the Canberra Bushwalking Club here.

Bring your own GPS, if you have one.

Additional pre-reading:

My Map Reading page (excluding the sections on 1:25000 Map Sheet Naming, Working with ACT 1:10,000 Planning Series Maps (the ACT Grid) and Working with ANG (Australian National Grid)). Only a cursory glance at Map Coordinates - MGRS Grid.
GeoScience Australia's free download of Map Reading Guide - How to use Topographic Maps. This is really excellent. Print it and read it!

My Armchair Buskwalking page.

The evening will specifically cover a Garmin Oregon GPS talking to OziExplorer using 1:25000 digital topographic maps and a Garmin etrex H GPS talking to MapSource using OZtopo V3.0 maps.


A useful night. My notes here. Kaz covered Garmin etrex H GPS talking to MapSource using OZtopo V3.0 maps and Tony talked about loading scanned maps onto a map-capable GPS.

Thanks Tony B, Karen C, Llewelln S-P, Max S, Phillip S. Nice supper!

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