18 October 2011 Prospective New CBC Walk Leaders Training Night

Maps: Bring any you have

Getting There

This event was organised and presented by me, with assistance from Phillip S and Rob H, as a CBC activity:

Tuesday evening 18 October - Prospective New CBC Walk Leaders Training Night. Would you like to put something back into your club by leading a walk? Come along to an information night, pick up a few ideas and have a go! Heaps of assistance available via co-leaders and mentors. It's not difficult when you know what to do. Map: Bring any you have. Bring a little supper to share. Contact John Evans - jevans@pcug.org.au, (h) 6288 7235 to book.


A useful exchange of information. The notes I prepared for the night are here. The test will be whether all the talk results in some new walk leaders putting on trips.

Thanks for coming Alan V, Barrie R, Kate D, Nathan H, Paul B, Phillip S, Rob H, Stephen M.

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