29 October 2011 Worn Boot Bash #9

Maps: Tidbinbilla and Cotter Dam 1:25000

Getting There

This walk was organised and led by me as a CBC walk:

Saturday 29 October – Worn Boot Bash - L/E,ptX. Our club’s Worn Boot Bash has a 10 year history. The inaugural ‘rules’ had it starting and finishing at a well known house in Kambah and involving 35km and a few hills. The first, organised by Rob Horsfield in August 2002, had participants crossing the Murrumbidgee River in chest high water early in the day. If we don’t set another route this year, he threatens to repeat it! From Greens picnic area in Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, across the (ankle deep) Tidbinbilla River and up Spur 1 to the Camel Back fire trail. Bag Camels Hump, Pierce Trig and Black Spring Mountain. Return along the lower east flank of the range, taking in Nil Desperandum and other nearby sites. Around 35km and 950m climb. Fire trail is hard on the feet. Map: Tidbinbilla. Leader: John Evans - jevans@pcug.org.au, (h) 6288 7235. Transport: ~$8 per person.

4 of us drove out to TNR.

Further Information

1 For 50Pin50W - Camels Hump, Pierce Hill, Black Spring Mountain.
2 Water - there is none on the Tidbinbilla Range. The first may be at Oakey Creek (19km) and there will certainly be water at Hurdle Creek (25km). Late change - water only in the first couple of hours.
3 Feet - fire trail is extremely hard on your feet. If you have a choice, my recommendation would be to wear boots (thicker sole) rather than shoes. Pad up any pressure points where you normally might get blisters. Stock up your first aid kit with blister stuff.
4 Points of interest - 'Man on a Horse' granite tor, king ferns, 68 blaze, eucalyptus still, camellia garden, Ashbrook site, Nil Desperandum.

Late Change

There is a car rally in the Pierces Creek Forest area on Saturday. I have the OK from Adrian of the Brindabella Motor Sports Club to be on the top fire trail, as long as we are clear by 12noon. To do this, we'll start extra early and REVERSE THE ADVERTISED TRIP.


You can access all photographs here.


Track maps: thumbnails are active - click for a larger picture
Track overview Track 1 Track 2 Track 3

We left the car at the very end of the picnic area and followed the signed track over a footbridge spanning the Tidbinbilla River. This one is positioned a little upstream from the site of the previous one in the area which was washed away. Weather overcast and cool.

Strolled along to Nil Desperandum, the eucalyptus still (a very wet geocache sitting in a pool of water on top of it), the camellia garden, the Ashbrook site and back to the weir on Hurdle Creek.

From here, we put the pedal to the metal and covered 7.9km in 1hr 40mins N along the bottom of the range. Views up to the Range, mostly hidden in cloud, were quite dramatic. 10am was 15 minutes passed, so we stopped at a fire trail junction N of Oakey Creek. From here, a further 3km in 45mins to the N-most extent of the route, climbing up the Tidbinbilla Range Road to the crest of the Range.

Along the top, the flowering shrubs kept me entertained. We passed through the insignificant Black Spring Mountain and S to Pierce Trig. This leg 4.6km in 1hr 20mins. The party members were not terribly impressed by the 68 blaze. Lunch at Pierce Trig with a couple of spots of rain from the very low cloud base.

The next excitement was to wander 500m down the Spur 3 fire trail to the start of a clearway I'd seen on Google Earth. Found the spot and returned up to the top of the Range.

On then to Camels Hump, Keith picking a marvellously open route to the top from the N. Rob told us about the Cantharid Beetles (Soldier Beetles) in the grass. The usual great view S to Johns Peak and the spur coming up from the W got me thinking about a walk up it.

From Camels Hump, down to the Camel Back fire trail and 4.5km in 1hr tothe top of the Spur 1 fire trail.

Down Spur 1 to Reid Creek, having a half-hearted look for the 'King ferns' Murray A told me about - didn't see any. On to show the party the Man on a Horse tor - they were not that impressed.

We followed the new signs through the Jedbinbilla area to the Tidbinbilla River, jumped across, took the long way round the dirt road to the picnic areas (but met Murray A) and back to the car.

Once again, the challenge is there to dream up another course for next year. After that, Rob and Keith vow to start again at WBB #1

Thanks Avi A, Rob H and Keith T. A bit of a wimpy round, but better than swimming the Murrumbidgee!

Distance: 33.1km Climb: 1200m. Time: 7.20am - 4.35pm (9hrs 15mins), with 45mins of stops.
Grading: L/E,ptX; H(13)

KMZ file for Google Earth/Maps: Worn Boot Bash #9

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